Thursday, March 26, 2015

94 % Percent iphone / ipad game cheats and answers

94% Percent is another new interesting word game from scimob for iphone and ipad. It's an app that sharpens the player's mind and can keep you thinking for long hours. The mechanic is simple: in each level the game will give you a category - a phrase or word and you will have to guess what words that falls under that category.
94 Cheats

I know that it might sound really simple but it actually gets difficult and tricky. There is a hint system if ever you get stuck at some point but it costs coins so you are limited. The levels are randomly generated for each player. That means your level 1 might not be my level 1 in my device.

You may also share and compare to your friends on FB who also plays the game. But you can always choose to spend real cash to buy more coins so you get more hints. Or you can just stay on this page and see all the 94% Percent cheats and answers below.