Saturday, February 21, 2015

Decision 3 Walkthrough: Finding storehouses, shelters and inspectors.

Decision 3 is by far one of the best zombie shooter flash game of the year 2014. It's a top down shooter mixed with micro management role playing game developed by FlyAnvil. In fact it is hailed as the best action game of 2014 by Armor Games. But enough of rambling about how awesome the game is. Let's talk about some tips and tricks.
Decision 3 Walkthrough: Storehouses, Shelters and Inspectors

I assume you've already played or currently playing this game but have not yet finished the story or accomplished everything that needs to be done. In the past, I wrote a post on where to find important stuff in Decision 2. Today's post is just about the same: It's about finding the important storehouses, shelters and inspectors.

In each area, there's at least one shelter. These shelters are vital to keep defend the area. It is where you keep your team of survivors. There's also storehouses which is where you store materials needed to build and upgrade defenses. Most important are the inspectors. They are the special type of survivors which will enable you access to certain skills and weapons. There are 6 inspectors to be found throughout the city. All of these storehouses, shelters and inspectors location can sometimes be difficult to find so here is Decision 3 Walkthrough which shows where you to find these important stuff in the game.

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