Monday, November 10, 2014

Zombie Outbreak Simulator for Android Review

Zombie Outbreak Simulator a sandbox type of application that was first launched for iPhone and iPad is now available on Android. This game is developed by Binary Space games and has been downloaded 300,000 times and over a million plays online.
Zombie Outbreak Simulator for Android Review

It has been praised by Gizmodo, Games Radar and many other tech websites for its highly engaging gameplay. But we are talking about the android version of it now so I will give you my impressions on this particular version. While the game mechanics remains the same, I cannot say the same for the gameplay experience as it crashes quite a lot when I play it on Tegra based tablet. And in many instances the civilian just bugs out around helicopters.

The game is free to download and play but is very limited and if you want to fully experience the game, you will have to purchase features such as soldiers, weapons and choppers.

While it is clear to me that it needs more polishing which I trust the developers are looking into it now, I still recommend Zombie Outbreak Simulator to Android users especially to those who are fans of the Zombie genre. I think that the idea of using real Google maps as the settings of an apocalypse is just really genius