Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Blind Swordsman walkthrough

The Blind Swordsman is a melee combat action adventure game from evildog productions. In this game, you don't have the sense of sight because you are effing blind. But don't feel bad about it and just look at it this way: at least you don't have to worry about seeing poorly animated characters and special effects. Seriously, this game is all about being a blind fighter who only relies on hearing. It may not have the best graphics but the sounds are very well rendered enough to rely on. You don't have to look at your screen, just listen where the sounds of attacking foes are coming from and block or attack them but time it perfectly.

I must admit, I have not beaten this game after many tries. I just got past some levels but cannot beat the final boss. Anyways, I have gathered all available tips and how to's that I can find for this game.

1. Young Knight: Block his attack then counterattack.
2. Flail knight: Block two of his attacks then give him a slash.
The Blind Swordsman walkthrough.3. Rouge woman: Turn left and block when she gets near then attack.
4. Wolves: Listen to their footsteps. Before they attack they will pause for a moment, growling. That is the time you attack. Repeat until all four of them are down.
5. Archers: They will always attack from 90 degrees left or right. Listen to the bow as it bends and turn your face toward it then block at the right time. After they've fired 8 shots, they will gang up on you. Use the block and counter method you use on the first level until all four of them are dead.

Level 6 and onwards: From here on, it will be a mixed of enemies with the same attack paterns as the first 5 levels. There are going to be archers but you may block their arrows and attack them straight up. Always keep in mind that you must block the flail knight's attack twice before countering.

That's it for now and I will try to update you with The Blind Swrodsman walkthrough if and only if I beat the white knight but if you have something to share please do so in the comments.

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  1. for the knight when he grunts once he just attacks once and when he grunts twice you have to block then quickly attack and turn towards his next attack then block that and quickly attack after and you do this 4 times i thing and you would have beat him btw i need help with the sorcerer