Friday, April 11, 2014

FTL Faster Than Light iPad 2 Cheats and Tricks?

Have you ever played Faster Than Light aka FTL on PC or Mac OSX? It was awesome right? What's new about this popular game title is that it is now available on iPad 2 which includes an Advanced Edition expansion, so you can play it even when you're on the go. But the bad news is it's only compatible with iPad 2 and nothing more. There isn't an Android version of it either at the moment.

FTL cheats for ipad
There has been discussions at some other places on the internet about whether the game would come out soon to Android or not at all. But chances are it is most likely it will because that would mean more players would be reached and that would make its developer happier I think.

Moving on to the question at hand: FTL cheats? Is it possible we get to cheat the game to level up things easier perhaps? Well, there's this one trick that I used to do in order to gain experience for the crew members:
1. Equip an ion cannon.
2. Find an enemy spaceship that cannot destroy your shields fully.
3. Set the ion cannon on auto-fire at the enemy ship.

The idea is to keep your ship exchange fire with the enemy ship without doing damage until you have max level crew on everything. It's not the type of FTL Faster Than Light ipad 2 cheat/trick that can be done on an instant but that's by far one that works.

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