Saturday, April 12, 2014

Feed Us Happy cheats

Are you playing the insane fish monster game Feed Us Happy from gamesfree and wondering if it has something extra? Well, it has a special feature which enable you to insert secret codes into a not so secret menu which will give you stuff to, you know, make the gameplay experience a little better.
Feed Us Happy Game cheats.

If you notice, there is a cheat option in the main menu of the game. Click on it then enter one or all of the following codes below.
igotakey - unlock all objectives
lamborgini - fast move
imyourgod - invincible for last 20 seconds
sabertooth - doubled the jaws ability
bloodseeker -doubled every blood
population - more fish appear
sharkattack - less sharks appear
imlikemario - slow move
You may use all of the codes at once except for the ones which affects the speed because they will likely negate each others effect. So choose if you want to make your fish slow or fast. You can't choose both. You will hear a thumping sound when the Feed Us Happy cheats code you entered are correct.

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