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Escape Games Dark Cave Escape Android App Walkthrough

Let me share with a complete written guide for Escape Games Dark Cave Escape which is a game for android by neodots creations. This game is well thought out that its puzzles are almost guaranteed to frustrate anyone who plays. But it's in a fun way and winning this type of games gives the feeling of accomplishing something.

Alright! Let's start with picking up items from all over the readily accessible areas.

First area with the snake in it.
Pick up one of the barrels lying on the ground.

Inside the left cave:
Pick up a ball of yarn, part of a key on top of the hanging light bulb and the chain.

In the right cave where you the drill is:
Pick up stick, rope, net and a piece of rock near the drums.

How to remove the snake.
Use the net on the snake then tap and drag it aside. Open the chest and take the sledge hammer from it.

Open a new area by opening the wooden door with two levers. You can do this by using the rope on the levers.

You just entered a third area in the cave. From now on I will call it the third area. Inside the third area, pick up the following items:
Broken hammer, a pink wheel, another piece of rock, a knife and jar.

Use the bigger hammer from your inventory to smash open the shining rock and take the key from it. Near the shining rock, you will notice a long red wire. Use your knife to get it.

Go to the left area and pour the contents of the jar in the basin beneath the faucet. Tap on the faucet to wash the dirt and you will have golden stuff.
Escape Games Dark Cave Escape Android App Walkthrough

Go to the first area, and put the wheel into the contraption by the tunnel entrance. See image below.

Put the chain on to the mining cart then tap on the wheel to pull the cart. Find the other piece of the key under the cart.

Combine the two pieces of the key to make one and use it on the chest in the third area. Also use the golden stuff on top of the chest to open it. Inside the chest you will find a fuse/switch (I'm not sure).

Combine the two stones to make a fire.
The stick with the ball of strings to make a torch. Light the torch with the fire by joining them together.

Head back to the right area where the drill is. Put the barrel beneath the fuse box then use the torch to burn the cobweb. Open the fuse box using the remaining key in your inventory. Put the yellow fuse/switch into the right slot in the fuse box.

The drilling machine is now ready to go. Press the buttons on the side of the drill to make it work and it will open a new area which I will call the fourth area from now on so pay attention.

Before we proceed to the fourth area, use the broken hammer on the nails on the wooden plank near the drums/barrels. After taking out the nails, pick up the wood plank.

There is one last thing we need before we proceed to the fourth area: the oil can which can only be obtained by solving the difficult sliding rock puzzle. See the picture below to get a better notion of how to arranged the blocks.

In the fourth area, pick up the following items: stick, magnet, weight (metal that looks like a padlock). Tap on the conveyor's control panel and use the red wire from your inventory on it then turn its switch on.

Pick up the lamp from the conveyor. Put the wooden plank on the triangular object and put the weight onto its left side. Use the oil can on the gears and lever. Cut off the hanging stone and let it fall onto the right end of the plank. See picture below to get a better idea.

A new area will open which is the fifth area in this treacherous cave. Inside the fifth area, combine the fire with lamp then use it anywhere in the darkness. The place will light up.

Pick up the wheel beside the large chest. Tap on the hole on the ground. In your inventory, combine the stick, magnet and ball of strings to make a new item which can be used to pick up the wheel inside the hole.

Put the two wheels on the bottom of the cart then tap on it to push it aside. Pick up a red key from the ground and put it in one of the locks.

Solve the pattern puzzle that is holding the other key using the picture below.
Dark Cave Escape game.

Put the remaining key into the lock and open the large chest. Collect the dynamite then head back to the fourth area.

Put the dynamite in to the pile of rocks as shown in the image below, then light it with your torch.

Congratulations! You have now completed our Escape Games Dark Cave Escape walkthrough and with what you've learned here, you can now beat this challenging game.

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