Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Can You Escape Tower Level 17 walkthrough cheats

Can You Escape Tower level 17 step-by-step solution is laid out below detailing how exactly to beat the said level in this challenging puzzle game for android. The key to solving such game as this is to identify objects and picked up items. If you can identify each item and objects you can better think of ways how you will use it to solve each puzzle. This game, from my point of view, is by far one of the most challenging out there in its genre.
can you escape tower 17 walkthrough

Without further adieu, here is CYET level 17 written guide to use as a sort of cheat:
Beside the broken mirror at your left you will notice stick lying on the floor. Take it.
On the right side of the room, you will see a small passage way. Tap on it so you get to the other side of the wall.
Pick up the pick's head lying at the floor to the right.
Inspect the mining cart and pick up the dagger from inside it.
Go back to the first room and head to the water system beneath the wooden wheel. Combine the stick and the pick's head to make a working pickaxe.
Use the pickaxe on the rubble of stones blocking the flow of water.  Zoom back out then go to well by the post.
Use the dagger on the rope that holds the bucket.
Head back to the second room and inspect the barrel at the corner of the room.
Use the bucket to get it filled with water. Head back to the first room and use the bucket filled with water on the broken mirror. It will shine light to the corner of the room where wooden sticks are hidden. Get them and head back to the second room.
Use the wooden sticks on the thing at the right corner of the room. The door steel bars will be drawn up but there's still wooden planks blocking the way.
Inspect the mining cart and pull its lever to send it crashing into the wooden planks. You are now free to exit.

Congratulations! You have completed the Can You Escape Tower Level 17 walkthrough which we hope can help you in making progress with your game.

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