Sunday, April 6, 2014

2048 Game Cheats walkthrough

Are you playing 2048 game on your android phone and you are having a hard time beating it? Would you like to know the tips and tricks on how to beat this challenging tile sliding math puzzle game? Well you landed in the right page because I will share with you the strategy that works well in achieving completion in this game. But first, I must tell you some things that you must avoid doing and that is swiping blindly. Never do that for it will take you nowhere near your goal.

Now let me tell you that there are 4 rules that you have to follow in order to succeed in this game.

-The only directions that you are going to swipe to is to the right and/or down.
-Never swipe left.
-Never swipe upwards unless you can't move right or down.
-Always keep the fourth (to the right) column filled in with its bottom tile having the largest number and the top the lowest. Always build it that way.

2048 game cheats walkthrough.
This game is hard even if you implement this guide but that's the how it is. One wrong move will mean game over but it is easier if you use this technique because your choice of moves are narrowed down to right and down. The trick is to plan ahead and keep your fourth column sorted out from largest to lowest (bottom to top) at all times. If you don't use this 2048 game cheats walkthrough it is more difficult and you'll end starting off again from the start without getting to the thousands.