Sunday, March 9, 2014

Forbidden Arms Soul Tempest Hidden Skill

Forbidden Arms is a new hack and slahs platformer action game from godseed. A game that puts the player into the role of a lone ninja who wields a demon forged katana. Your goal is to defeat swarms of endless enemy ninjas spawning from all directions coming at you with blades and throwing stars. Use brandish arts which are basically your combo moves but at the expense of your enemies' blood and of your own. You get souls which you can then use to purchase upgrades for your skills and character attributes.

Forbidden Arms Soul Tempest Hidden SkillThere are three different areas in this game consisting of several levels and an epic boss at the end. Anyways, chances are you are here for some hints on how to do the Soul Tempest secret ability, so I won't be long with these blabbering. To execute the hidden soul tempest skill, you must hold the left mouse button and charge it during the night and it will unleash a different kind of moonbow slash producing an explosion of aura around your character that no star and ninja can withstand or interrupt.

There is no difference in the keys that you need to press. Just charge the skill at night and it will do the Forbidden Arms Soul Tempest Hidden skill instead of the regular one.

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