Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Escape Level 14 Walkthrough and Cheats

As promised, here is my written solution for level 14 of Let's Escape app for android from mobest media. This level is more difficult to beat than the one before it so I figured that more players will get stuck here. Fortunately, I figured it out thanks to my years of enthusiasm in escape games.

Let's proceed:

Tap on the grill work bench/table (?) on the left where a piece of clothing hangs. Inspect the right part and click on it to obtain a piece of metal bar.

Let's Escape Level 14 walkthrough.
Go to the bird cage and use the metal bar to get the key. Use that key to open one of the drawers.
Get the scissors from drawer you just opened and use it to cut a piece of fabric from the cloth.
Use the piece of fabric on the cactus then check the cactus' shadow casted on the floor to find a 3 digit code.

Use the code to open the bottom drawer and get the plant from inside that drawer.
Go to the plant located in the right corner of the room just right of the door and get a black piece of paper from its pot.
Use the paper on the flower base atop the drawers to wash it and reveal hints.
Put the plant from your inventory beside the cactus plant then obtain the key from the red flower.

Use the key to open the bird cage and get the wooden handle from it.
Go to the drawer then on to its left side to go to the secret wall compartment. Use the wooden handle to open it.
Tap on each drawing to change their colors to this order: cup=blue, bird=green, heart=yellow, star=violet.
Get the the final key from it and use it to open the door and complete the game.
Let's Escape Level 14

That ends our Let's Escape level 14 walkthrough solution which is sure to help you make progress in your game.

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