Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Escape App Level 13 Walkthrough Cheats

Are you stuck in level 13 of Let's Escape app from mobest media? You are lucky I was bored and I kind of just want to share how I completed this level of the game. Without further ado, here is a written guide that I hope will be of any help for those who are having difficulties solving it.

Inspect the bed and get the handle piece of cutter from under the left pillow.
check the drawer on the dresser/mirror and get from one of the drawers the blade of cutter.
Go back to the bed and click on the right pillow to lift it. Use the cutter from your inventory to cut the lump on the bed and get the key from it.
Use the key to open the drawer of the bedside table where the lamp is. pick up the bulb from it.
Put the bulb on the lamp and press the button in this order: yellow, red, yellow, yellow,  red, yellow, red, red and key will appear at the base of the lamp.
Use the key to open the wardrobe/cabinet. Count the sides of each shapes of the hangers and use it as the number code on the bottom drawer of the lamp table. The code is 4163.

Let's Escape level 13 walkthrough cheats.
Get the red chisel from the bottom drawer you just opened and go back to the wardrobe/cabinet. Click on the bottom-middle part of the cabinet's wall inside and use the chisel on it to reveal a secret panel.

Let's Escape Level 13
The clue to solving this puzzle is in the checkered painting above the bed when viewed through the mirror (see photo above).
If you successfully opened the secret compartment, you'll get the last key which opens the door to the next room.

That concludes our Let's Escape Level 13 walkthrough solution while the written guide for level 14 will be covered in another post so stay tuned.

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