Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feed Us Pirates Cheats

Feed Us Pirates is yet another edition of monster piranha fish that wreaks havoc to everyone. This time, it's the pirates who is bound to fall victims of the monster's sharp teeth. This game is brought to the web by pyrozen and it has many versions actually and this one is just the newest of them all.

Anyways, chances are already a fan of this game and all you want now are some cheats you can use to get more fun from it, am I right? Well, you're in luck because what I got here are just exactly what you need. I listed below all the codes that you use in the game whether for just fun or to make progress quicker.

Feed Us Pirates cheats.TINY - make your main piranha very small.
MASSIVE - Very large piranha.
EPICJUMP - Jump higher.
DEADARMY - Human skeleton mode.
BEAST - Invincible.
APPETITE - twice more floating meat.
HARDFISH - Classic seeds are invincible.
TRAVEL -Unlock fast travel in pause menu.
SLOWCOW -  enemies go slow.
WARNING - Warnings are deactivated.
WAR - Every human throw spears at you.
PEACE - humans does not throw spears.

Note that you have to go to the career menu and then click the 'extras' and from there you may enter Feed Us Pirates cheats I listed above.

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