Friday, December 26, 2014

SimCity Build It iPad cheats

Sim City Build It is probably one of the most popular games out ther for mobile today particularly for iPad users. It is one of those apps that really helps you pass the time. But speaking of time, most of us players of this game can't wait for, say make money to buy stuff and build more. That is why we look for ways for better strategies and even for cheats of some sort.

Let's cut to the chase and let me tell you that as the time of this writing there is a working cheat for Sim City but it requires your device to be jailbroken and you will have to use a third party application.

What you need are the following:
1. Jailbroken device.
2. The SimCity Build It app
3. GamePlayer/GameGem or other similar apps. Just look it up.

SimCity iPad Cheats.
Once you have GameGem installed, run it. From there you should see the name of the app you want to cheat, in this case it's SimCity so tap on it. Search the current value of your money in the game. For example, your current money in game is 16, then you should search for the value: 16 and edit it to whatever amount you want. Then boom! You are now rich. That's all to it for SimCity Build It iPad cheats and I hope it will work for you too.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Zombie Outbreak Simulator for Android Review

Zombie Outbreak Simulator a sandbox type of application that was first launched for iPhone and iPad is now available on Android. This game is developed by Binary Space games and has been downloaded 300,000 times and over a million plays online.
Zombie Outbreak Simulator for Android Review

It has been praised by Gizmodo, Games Radar and many other tech websites for its highly engaging gameplay. But we are talking about the android version of it now so I will give you my impressions on this particular version. While the game mechanics remains the same, I cannot say the same for the gameplay experience as it crashes quite a lot when I play it on Tegra based tablet. And in many instances the civilian just bugs out around helicopters.

The game is free to download and play but is very limited and if you want to fully experience the game, you will have to purchase features such as soldiers, weapons and choppers.

While it is clear to me that it needs more polishing which I trust the developers are looking into it now, I still recommend Zombie Outbreak Simulator to Android users especially to those who are fans of the Zombie genre. I think that the idea of using real Google maps as the settings of an apocalypse is just really genius

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Escape the Mansion Halloween Walkthrough

Escape The Mansion Halloween is another new point and click puzzle game by gipnetix themed for this coming Halloween. It has 10 new levels all of which are decent in the puzzle side of it. Difficulties of levels are progressive.
Escape The Mansion Halloween Walkthrough

Laid out below is the written step by step solution to solving each and every level in this game. There are ten of them by the way.

Level 1

Input 10312014 into the code panel.

Level 2.

Pick up a pumpkin and put it on the table.

Tilt your device to the left and pick up the knife.

Use the knife on the pumpkin.

Pick up the candle and use it on the pumpkin.

Level 3
Tap the bats in this exact order: 7, 3, 5, 6, 2, 8, 4, 1 (clockwise from down-left bat).

Level 4

Put a pumpkin on to the shelf.

Shake your device.

Do the same for other pumpkins until there's nothing left.

Pick up the key and open the door.

Level 5

Pick up the broom and use it to remove spider webs until you see all 5 numbers. Tap on the code panel and input 63951.

Level 6

Tap the purple candy; tap the red-green candy; tap the white-red-yellow candy; tap the green candy. The door should open.

Level 7

Pick up the candle. Select the candle from your items and tap the pumpkins according to candle size.

Shake your device to reveal a key. Pick up the key and use it to open the door.

Level 8

Tap on the bucket to pick up candies. Give the kids 1 blue candy; 1 green; 1 azure (light blue), 1 red, 1 purple and 1 yellow. Note: put extra candies back to the bucket.

Level 9
Pick up the candle.
Tap the top-center pumpkin; tap right down pumpkin; tap left-center pumpkin; tap right-center pumpkin; tap left-bottom pumpkin making a star.

Level 10

Put small pumpkin to the right circle.

Medium pumpkin to center.

Move small one to the center.

Move big one to the right.

Put small to left and medium to the right then finally small to the right.

That's the written guide folks but here's full Escape The Mansion Halloween walkthrough if you need more help.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Make it Rain Android App cheats

Make It Rain cheats.The newest app today to hit the trends big time is probably Make it Rain Love of Money, a game that is all about the moolah! This is your chance to get virtually rich but it does not stop there because making the greens pour down like a hail storm is what will make you feel accomplished in this game.

Given that goal, you will have to wisely spend your cash on a plethora of things like bribing and spending on investments all in hopes to make your cash-flow more fluid and steady. Swiping is the one thing that you will do most of the time but it can get tiresome so here is a tip and/or trick to make even more and quickly. Call it a cheat or glitch or whatever but it works like a charm for me as the time of this writing.

1. Make sure your bucket is empty and make your capacity as high as you can.
2. Go to your phone's settings and change your date to a day in advance.
3. Set it back to "set automatically" then go back to the game and see your bucket will be full.
4. Empty your bucket then repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Congratulations! You have now learned some sort of Make it Rain cheats that will help you get ahead of your game. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Family Guy Quest for Stuff: How to get clams and warning about using cheats

If you just started playing Family Guy Quest for Stuff game for android and ios devices, chances are you have already noticed that to get things done quickly in this game is to have more clams. In order to rebuild the town of Quahog in Family Guy Quest for Stuff, you will need coins and clams. Coins are quite easy to earn in this game but collecting precious clams are a bit harder to do. So here I will share with you the several ways to do just that.
Family Guy Quest for Stuff Clams cheats.

Ways to pick up clams: Clams can acquired through different methods like connecting your game to your Facebook account, inviting your friends to play it and finishing off premium quests of characters. If you have extra money, I mean real money, you can buy through the in-app purchase feature in the game. You can also help finish off building process in your friends own quahog. Also, completing any quests that have a white present box with a red bow on it will give you clams.

A warning about using cheats in this game: The things stated above are legit ways to earn clams in FGQFS and there's these other methods to do it. Yes, I'm telling you now that there are cheats and tools that you can use that promises to give you clams and coins for free, but I suggest you stay away from those so called Family Guy Quest for Stuff cheats because it will just compromise your devices and you can even get banned from playing the game.

Escape Games Dark Cave Escape Android App Walkthrough

Let me share with a complete written guide for Escape Games Dark Cave Escape which is a game for android by neodots creations. This game is well thought out that its puzzles are almost guaranteed to frustrate anyone who plays. But it's in a fun way and winning this type of games gives the feeling of accomplishing something.

Alright! Let's start with picking up items from all over the readily accessible areas.

First area with the snake in it.
Pick up one of the barrels lying on the ground.

Inside the left cave:
Pick up a ball of yarn, part of a key on top of the hanging light bulb and the chain.

In the right cave where you the drill is:
Pick up stick, rope, net and a piece of rock near the drums.

How to remove the snake.
Use the net on the snake then tap and drag it aside. Open the chest and take the sledge hammer from it.

Open a new area by opening the wooden door with two levers. You can do this by using the rope on the levers.

You just entered a third area in the cave. From now on I will call it the third area. Inside the third area, pick up the following items:
Broken hammer, a pink wheel, another piece of rock, a knife and jar.

Use the bigger hammer from your inventory to smash open the shining rock and take the key from it. Near the shining rock, you will notice a long red wire. Use your knife to get it.

Go to the left area and pour the contents of the jar in the basin beneath the faucet. Tap on the faucet to wash the dirt and you will have golden stuff.
Escape Games Dark Cave Escape Android App Walkthrough

Go to the first area, and put the wheel into the contraption by the tunnel entrance. See image below.

Put the chain on to the mining cart then tap on the wheel to pull the cart. Find the other piece of the key under the cart.

Combine the two pieces of the key to make one and use it on the chest in the third area. Also use the golden stuff on top of the chest to open it. Inside the chest you will find a fuse/switch (I'm not sure).

Combine the two stones to make a fire.
The stick with the ball of strings to make a torch. Light the torch with the fire by joining them together.

Head back to the right area where the drill is. Put the barrel beneath the fuse box then use the torch to burn the cobweb. Open the fuse box using the remaining key in your inventory. Put the yellow fuse/switch into the right slot in the fuse box.

The drilling machine is now ready to go. Press the buttons on the side of the drill to make it work and it will open a new area which I will call the fourth area from now on so pay attention.

Before we proceed to the fourth area, use the broken hammer on the nails on the wooden plank near the drums/barrels. After taking out the nails, pick up the wood plank.

There is one last thing we need before we proceed to the fourth area: the oil can which can only be obtained by solving the difficult sliding rock puzzle. See the picture below to get a better notion of how to arranged the blocks.

In the fourth area, pick up the following items: stick, magnet, weight (metal that looks like a padlock). Tap on the conveyor's control panel and use the red wire from your inventory on it then turn its switch on.

Pick up the lamp from the conveyor. Put the wooden plank on the triangular object and put the weight onto its left side. Use the oil can on the gears and lever. Cut off the hanging stone and let it fall onto the right end of the plank. See picture below to get a better idea.

A new area will open which is the fifth area in this treacherous cave. Inside the fifth area, combine the fire with lamp then use it anywhere in the darkness. The place will light up.

Pick up the wheel beside the large chest. Tap on the hole on the ground. In your inventory, combine the stick, magnet and ball of strings to make a new item which can be used to pick up the wheel inside the hole.

Put the two wheels on the bottom of the cart then tap on it to push it aside. Pick up a red key from the ground and put it in one of the locks.

Solve the pattern puzzle that is holding the other key using the picture below.
Dark Cave Escape game.

Put the remaining key into the lock and open the large chest. Collect the dynamite then head back to the fourth area.

Put the dynamite in to the pile of rocks as shown in the image below, then light it with your torch.

Congratulations! You have now completed our Escape Games Dark Cave Escape walkthrough and with what you've learned here, you can now beat this challenging game.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Can You Escape This House 2 walkthrough

Here is quite an exhaustive written guide of Can You Escape This House 2 for android which will show you step-by-step solution to each and every level of this challenging puzzle game by meeko apps. The game is challenging in its own rights but it could also give ample frustrations if you get stuck on a specific level in it for long enough.
Can You Escape This House 2 Game Walkthrough

So to help reduce the frustrations on the mobile gaming community, I have taken the time to write down a guide, a walkthrough of some sort detailing how I managed to solve all 8 current levels of this game. Without further adieu, read on!

Level 1 Solution:
Inspect kitchen sink area. Tap on the knife set. Take one knife and zoom back out.
Tap on the sink where a wooden box is. Open the box and use the knife to pry open the container inside it. Take the note.
Zoom back out to main view and into the left area of the room. Inspect the table for white bottle of salt and black bottle of pepper.
Both of those bottles contains numbers which make up the final code.
Open the fridge and tap on the bowl and enter these digits as suggested by the hint written on the note: 3939174.
Take the key and use it to open the door.

Level 2 solution:
Go to the left area of the room and into the cabinet then take the bed sheet from it.
Go back to the main view of the bed and put the bed sheet on the bed. Notice the yellow bird printed on the sheet.
Tap around the toppled boxes at the right of the room to get to a set of tea pots.
Tap on the left most part of the teapot tray and make note of the colors red and green printed on one cup.
Go back to the room's main view then into the left area. Tap around the toppled boxes on the right hand side of the television set.
Tap on the panel beside the door and arrange the images on it to make something like in the picture below:

Level 3 solution:
Tap on the chair nearest to the door to get closer to it. Tap it once more to move it away from the drawers.
Open the drawers and get the key from it. Go back to the main view and into the left area and then into the window with blue curtains.
Tap on the right curtain and pick up the knife from it. Zoom back out once.
Inspect the pink pillow on the floor and tap it to turn it around. Use the knife on it and then get another key.
Go to the shelf and use the grey colored key to open it. Inspect the wooden box sitting in it. Tap it to turn it around. Use the other key to open its lock.
Inside the box is the final hint that will make up the code on the door. Go to the door panel and arrange the images on it as shown in the picture below.

Level 4 solution:
Look underneath the bed and pick up an earring lying by the balls.
Tap on the right hand side of the room near the right foot corner of the bed to find the door.
Look under the desk at the right hand side of the door to find a doll. Give the earring from your inventory to the doll.
The doll will produce a key. Use this key to open the drawer on the desk. You find a number 17 printed on a yellow paper.
Go back to the bed view and find the laptop sitting atop a table. Solve the equation being the number 17 as the clue.
The laptop will reveal another clue saying "North of USA". That is the final code that opens the door. CANADA what else?

Level 5 solution:
Tap on the box near the rear tire of the car. Open it and take the key from it.
Go to the other side of the car so that you are facing its left door. Tap on the floor underneath the car and pick up a piece of round metal.
Zoom back out once and then tap on the left tire. Use the round metal object on the middle of the tire's rim.
Go back up and then inspect the windshield of the car. You will find a clue that says "NDAHO".
Zoom back out and go to the tall two-door cabinet. Use the key from your inventory to open its lock.
On the cabinet's electronic panel, enter the letters "HONDA". The screen will display the next clue which says 'sudoku'
Finally, go to the door and arrange the sudoku puzzle as shown in the image below.

Level 6 solution:
Go to the right area of the room so that you can have clear view of the TV set. Tap on the area around the pot and foot of the TV rack.
Pick up the power cable and use on the TV screen and it says 'Pots - Lamps'.
Count all the pots and lamps. Subtract the number of lamps from the number of pots in the room. You will get an answer; 1.

The screen says Plants, Lamps, Books. That is the final hint that will make up the answer to the last puzzle.
Inspect the bottom drawer of the huge wardrobe/cabinet near the door. Arrange the final puzzle as shown in the picture below.
Now that you have the key, use it open the door and proceed to the next room.

Level 7 solution:
Go to the right area of the room and inspect the drawers of the desk. You will find a red item in there.
Zoom back out and go to the green doll underneath the desk then use the red item from your inventory on it.
The doll will produce a number 1. It cannot be picked up, it's a clue.
The next clue is on the door which is a number 3 and the final clue is written on the blue ball which is a number 5.
Combine them together and you get 135 which you must enter into the laptop. Once you do that, the screen will show a riddle.
Just arange the characters on the screen as shown in the picture below.
Level 8 solution:
This is the last level. Inspect the phone of the table. I'm sure you can find it easily. Make note of the icon that says 'iPhoto'.
Go to the right area of the room and then inspect the bottom area of the shelf near the door. You'll find a box in there.
Open the box and get the power cable from it. Use this power cable on the white computer monitor then key in 'iphoto' in it.
The screen will display 3 digit numbers '413'. Now go to the old television then switch it on.
Enter the word 'BROWN' in it because the colors of the barrel in the room are brown. After that, the screen will say x2 which means you have to multiply the 413 by 2.
The answer is 826 which is the final code that will open the door.

Congratulations! You have completed this exhaustive Can You Escape This House 2 walkthrough slash written guide and I hope that it will make sense to you and help you beat the game.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Feed Us Happy cheats

Are you playing the insane fish monster game Feed Us Happy from gamesfree and wondering if it has something extra? Well, it has a special feature which enable you to insert secret codes into a not so secret menu which will give you stuff to, you know, make the gameplay experience a little better.
Feed Us Happy Game cheats.

If you notice, there is a cheat option in the main menu of the game. Click on it then enter one or all of the following codes below.
igotakey - unlock all objectives
lamborgini - fast move
imyourgod - invincible for last 20 seconds
sabertooth - doubled the jaws ability
bloodseeker -doubled every blood
population - more fish appear
sharkattack - less sharks appear
imlikemario - slow move
You may use all of the codes at once except for the ones which affects the speed because they will likely negate each others effect. So choose if you want to make your fish slow or fast. You can't choose both. You will hear a thumping sound when the Feed Us Happy cheats code you entered are correct.

Friday, April 11, 2014

FTL Faster Than Light iPad 2 Cheats and Tricks?

Have you ever played Faster Than Light aka FTL on PC or Mac OSX? It was awesome right? What's new about this popular game title is that it is now available on iPad 2 which includes an Advanced Edition expansion, so you can play it even when you're on the go. But the bad news is it's only compatible with iPad 2 and nothing more. There isn't an Android version of it either at the moment.

FTL cheats for ipad
There has been discussions at some other places on the internet about whether the game would come out soon to Android or not at all. But chances are it is most likely it will because that would mean more players would be reached and that would make its developer happier I think.

Moving on to the question at hand: FTL cheats? Is it possible we get to cheat the game to level up things easier perhaps? Well, there's this one trick that I used to do in order to gain experience for the crew members:
1. Equip an ion cannon.
2. Find an enemy spaceship that cannot destroy your shields fully.
3. Set the ion cannon on auto-fire at the enemy ship.

The idea is to keep your ship exchange fire with the enemy ship without doing damage until you have max level crew on everything. It's not the type of FTL Faster Than Light ipad 2 cheat/trick that can be done on an instant but that's by far one that works.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff arrives on Android!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is the newest simulation game for android and ios brought to us by tinyco. The game is obviously coming from the popular TV show but with this app you are not only watching them, you are controlling them. The game is set after another epic battle with the giant chicken where Peter Griffin, the main character, has accidentally destroyed Quahog.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff_screenshot
While this game is free to play, it has in app purchases that may or may not tempt you to buy it, depending on what level you are a fan of FG. There are exclusive content that are only available for player on iPhone, ipod touch and ipad devices, like becoming filthy rich! This mobile game was just newly released on both Google Play and iTunes so if you are fan of the show, we highly recommend you have Family Guy The Quest for Stuff game on your mobile.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Can You Escape Tower Level 17 walkthrough cheats

Can You Escape Tower level 17 step-by-step solution is laid out below detailing how exactly to beat the said level in this challenging puzzle game for android. The key to solving such game as this is to identify objects and picked up items. If you can identify each item and objects you can better think of ways how you will use it to solve each puzzle. This game, from my point of view, is by far one of the most challenging out there in its genre.
can you escape tower 17 walkthrough

Without further adieu, here is CYET level 17 written guide to use as a sort of cheat:
Beside the broken mirror at your left you will notice stick lying on the floor. Take it.
On the right side of the room, you will see a small passage way. Tap on it so you get to the other side of the wall.
Pick up the pick's head lying at the floor to the right.
Inspect the mining cart and pick up the dagger from inside it.
Go back to the first room and head to the water system beneath the wooden wheel. Combine the stick and the pick's head to make a working pickaxe.
Use the pickaxe on the rubble of stones blocking the flow of water.  Zoom back out then go to well by the post.
Use the dagger on the rope that holds the bucket.
Head back to the second room and inspect the barrel at the corner of the room.
Use the bucket to get it filled with water. Head back to the first room and use the bucket filled with water on the broken mirror. It will shine light to the corner of the room where wooden sticks are hidden. Get them and head back to the second room.
Use the wooden sticks on the thing at the right corner of the room. The door steel bars will be drawn up but there's still wooden planks blocking the way.
Inspect the mining cart and pull its lever to send it crashing into the wooden planks. You are now free to exit.

Congratulations! You have completed the Can You Escape Tower Level 17 walkthrough which we hope can help you in making progress with your game.

Can You Escape Tower Level 16 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Tower level 16 is written below this line and it reveals the step by step solution in order to beat said level of the game. Please only refer to this guide if you are truly stuck in the game and have already given up all hopes.

CYET written guide for sixteenth level.
Pick up the spear on the floor.
Pull the broken sword shoved into the wall.
Examine the pile of rubble beneath the wall and pick up a piece of wire.
Go to the door and take the earring of the orc's face.
Zoom back out and go to the stream of water at the right side of the room.
Use the broken sword on the tied rope to get it then combine the rope and spear then the earing then the piece of wire to create a makeshift fishing rod and line.
Use the makeshift fishing rod on the fish to get it.
Zoom back out and go to the wall where you can see closely the foot of a beast poking out of a hole on the wall.
Give the fish to it's paws and wait till gives out the key. Take the key.
Now go to the circular vault at the center of the floor and arrange its blocks as shown in the picture below.
Can You Escape Tower Level 16 walkthrough
Tap on the box and use the key from your inventory to open it. Take the silver cup from it. Fill it with water from the stream and finally, pour its content into the mouth of the orc face mounted on the door.

Congratulations! You have now completed Can You Escape Tower Level 16 walkthrough.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2048 Game Cheats walkthrough

Are you playing 2048 game on your android phone and you are having a hard time beating it? Would you like to know the tips and tricks on how to beat this challenging tile sliding math puzzle game? Well you landed in the right page because I will share with you the strategy that works well in achieving completion in this game. But first, I must tell you some things that you must avoid doing and that is swiping blindly. Never do that for it will take you nowhere near your goal.

Now let me tell you that there are 4 rules that you have to follow in order to succeed in this game.

-The only directions that you are going to swipe to is to the right and/or down.
-Never swipe left.
-Never swipe upwards unless you can't move right or down.
-Always keep the fourth (to the right) column filled in with its bottom tile having the largest number and the top the lowest. Always build it that way.

2048 game cheats walkthrough.
This game is hard even if you implement this guide but that's the how it is. One wrong move will mean game over but it is easier if you use this technique because your choice of moves are narrowed down to right and down. The trick is to plan ahead and keep your fourth column sorted out from largest to lowest (bottom to top) at all times. If you don't use this 2048 game cheats walkthrough it is more difficult and you'll end starting off again from the start without getting to the thousands.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Blind Swordsman walkthrough

The Blind Swordsman is a melee combat action adventure game from evildog productions. In this game, you don't have the sense of sight because you are effing blind. But don't feel bad about it and just look at it this way: at least you don't have to worry about seeing poorly animated characters and special effects. Seriously, this game is all about being a blind fighter who only relies on hearing. It may not have the best graphics but the sounds are very well rendered enough to rely on. You don't have to look at your screen, just listen where the sounds of attacking foes are coming from and block or attack them but time it perfectly.

I must admit, I have not beaten this game after many tries. I just got past some levels but cannot beat the final boss. Anyways, I have gathered all available tips and how to's that I can find for this game.

1. Young Knight: Block his attack then counterattack.
2. Flail knight: Block two of his attacks then give him a slash.
The Blind Swordsman walkthrough.3. Rouge woman: Turn left and block when she gets near then attack.
4. Wolves: Listen to their footsteps. Before they attack they will pause for a moment, growling. That is the time you attack. Repeat until all four of them are down.
5. Archers: They will always attack from 90 degrees left or right. Listen to the bow as it bends and turn your face toward it then block at the right time. After they've fired 8 shots, they will gang up on you. Use the block and counter method you use on the first level until all four of them are dead.

Level 6 and onwards: From here on, it will be a mixed of enemies with the same attack paterns as the first 5 levels. There are going to be archers but you may block their arrows and attack them straight up. Always keep in mind that you must block the flail knight's attack twice before countering.

That's it for now and I will try to update you with The Blind Swrodsman walkthrough if and only if I beat the white knight but if you have something to share please do so in the comments.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Can You Escape This House Android Walkthrough

Can You Escape This House is another new point and click room puzzle game from meeko app apps. In this game, your goal is to break out from each room. It sounds like an easy task but you will have to solve challenging puzzles, crack codes and find keys. Accomplishing those are the only ways to open the exit.

Currently there are 8 levels in this game and two bonus ones that is only available if you purchase them. Anyway, since I have not yet purchased those two extra levels, only the regular free levels will be shown solved here. Below this line starts Can You Escape This House walkthrough guide.

Level 1.
Go to the study table beside the door. Inspect closely the left stack of drawers. Open the second drawer from top and take the star shaped object inside it.
Zoom back out to main view of the room. At the foot of the bed, just underneath it, you will see a box. Tap on it then open it using the star object from your inventory. Get the key and open the door using it.

Level 2.
Inspect the shelf on to your left and make note of the order of colors of the jars (red, green, blue, white).
Open the refrigerator and also make note of the numbers written on the box (294).
Go to the door and tap on the panel. Input the colors of the jars into the squares and put the numbers 294 below them. The door should open.

Level 3.
Inspect the tool box lying on the middle of the floor. Open it and take the wrench.
Zoom back out and go to the metal box on the floor to your left. Open it using the wrench from your inventory.
Inside the metal box is a smaller box. Tap it to open then take the computer chip from it.
Use the chip on the TV to reveal the code 3433. Go to the garage shutter/door and input the number code into the panel then press enter.

Can You Escape This House Android walkthrough.Level 4.
Inspect the bed and make note of the colors of the stripe. Zoom back out and then go to the cabinets right of the door. The color code is, from to bottom, Red, Green, Blue, White. After that, press the circle to open the cabinet and reveal a key.
Take the key and use it to open the top middle drawer beneath the mirror. Get one of the cloth inside it. Zoom back out and inspect the flower portrait above the headboard of the bed. Use the cloth to wipe it clean and reveal a code.
Go to the door and enter the AC code into it then press button and the door opens.

Bad news: I think this is going to be long and exhaustive and since I don't want this page to be very long, I will post the rest of the levels of Can You Escape This House Android walkthrough by tomorrow.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Forbidden Arms Soul Tempest Hidden Skill

Forbidden Arms is a new hack and slahs platformer action game from godseed. A game that puts the player into the role of a lone ninja who wields a demon forged katana. Your goal is to defeat swarms of endless enemy ninjas spawning from all directions coming at you with blades and throwing stars. Use brandish arts which are basically your combo moves but at the expense of your enemies' blood and of your own. You get souls which you can then use to purchase upgrades for your skills and character attributes.

Forbidden Arms Soul Tempest Hidden SkillThere are three different areas in this game consisting of several levels and an epic boss at the end. Anyways, chances are you are here for some hints on how to do the Soul Tempest secret ability, so I won't be long with these blabbering. To execute the hidden soul tempest skill, you must hold the left mouse button and charge it during the night and it will unleash a different kind of moonbow slash producing an explosion of aura around your character that no star and ninja can withstand or interrupt.

There is no difference in the keys that you need to press. Just charge the skill at night and it will do the Forbidden Arms Soul Tempest Hidden skill instead of the regular one.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feed Us Pirates Cheats

Feed Us Pirates is yet another edition of monster piranha fish that wreaks havoc to everyone. This time, it's the pirates who is bound to fall victims of the monster's sharp teeth. This game is brought to the web by pyrozen and it has many versions actually and this one is just the newest of them all.

Anyways, chances are already a fan of this game and all you want now are some cheats you can use to get more fun from it, am I right? Well, you're in luck because what I got here are just exactly what you need. I listed below all the codes that you use in the game whether for just fun or to make progress quicker.

Feed Us Pirates cheats.TINY - make your main piranha very small.
MASSIVE - Very large piranha.
EPICJUMP - Jump higher.
DEADARMY - Human skeleton mode.
BEAST - Invincible.
APPETITE - twice more floating meat.
HARDFISH - Classic seeds are invincible.
TRAVEL -Unlock fast travel in pause menu.
SLOWCOW -  enemies go slow.
WARNING - Warnings are deactivated.
WAR - Every human throw spears at you.
PEACE - humans does not throw spears.

Note that you have to go to the career menu and then click the 'extras' and from there you may enter Feed Us Pirates cheats I listed above.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Can You Escape 3D Walkthrough

Can You Escape 3D is a new take on the point and click puzzle game on the android. It's still the same mechanics like in any other room-escape games but this game takes it in three dimensional view. The game is moderately challenging if you ask me so I won't be surprised if many gets stuck on some part of it.

I took the time to write down a guide which I hope will help you out in making progress with your game. Below this line is the walkthrough filled with spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

Level 1
Pick up scissors on the table.
Use the scissors on the pillow on the chair and obtain the key from it.
Look around the right and find the hammer inside the cabinet.
Use the hammer to break the vase on the table and get the key-card from it.
Use the key-card on the door's panel to open it.
Can You Escape 3D walkthrough.
Level 2.
Inspect the table between to chairs on the right and pick up the yellow key on the table.
Use the key to open the locker and get the crowbar from it.
Use the crowbar to break open the crate to get screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver to unscrew the air ventilation and get the silver key from it.
Use the key to open the door on the right near the chairs and get the step ladder from it.
Use the ladder just below the open ceiling to get the blue key-card.
Use the key-card on the door and advance to the next room.

Level 3.
Inspect the bed and open the small box on it to find the magnet.
Use the magnet under the bed to get a hair pin.
To the left of the room you will find a big cabinet. Use the hairpin on its keyhole to obtain the remote control
To right of the room you will see the television. Use the remote control to switch on the TV and the numbers 521 will be displayed on the screen.
At the foot of the bed tap on the left most part and enter the numbers 521 to get key-card.

Level 4.
Get the crowbar under the small square table.
Use the crowbar on the green board to reveal the hammer.
Use the hammer to break the glass of the emergency kit mount on the right wall and get the axe from it.
Use the axe on the podium to break open its side and get the key-card.

Level 5.
At the bottom of the post near the cows, you will find a big scissor.
Use it to cut the rope around the neck of one of the cows.
Use the rope to open the cellar door and get pitchfork.
Use it to drag one of the haystack to find a hammer behind it.
Use the hammer to break bottle lying on the floor and get the key.
Use the key to open the door.

Level 6
Above the fireplace, you will find a screwdriver.
Use it to unscrew the enclosure of the panel on the wall beside the bed and get the corkscrew.
Use the corkscrew to open a the green bottle and get a glass of liquid.
Use the glass to put off the fire in the fireplace and pick up the yellow key from it.
Use the key to open the drawer beneath the oval mirror and get the access card.

Level 7.
Inspect the area below the bed and pick up the red can opener.
Use the can opener to open the can on the window and get a battery cell.
Put the battery into the cuckoo clock and obtain a square battery.
Use it on the smartphone found on the bed to reveal the three digit code: 453.
Use the code to open the suitcase lying on the floor and get a razor blade from it.
Use the blade to slit open the pillow on the bed and get the blue access card which opens the left door.

Level 8.
Inspect the floor near the oven and swipe out the magazine to find key.
Use the key to open one of the drawers at the right area of the room and get the gas lighter from it.
Use the gas lighter to light the oven and you get the flame.
Go to the left part of the kitchen counter near the poster and use the flame to melt the ice and get the knife.
Use the knife to slice butter and get access card.

Level 9.
Look around and find the step ladder underneath the wooden table.
Put the ladder near the stack of tires to reach the red tool box above. Open it and get the jack.
Jack up the car near the rear tire to lift it and get box cutter.
Use the cutter on the box lying on the wooden table and get the yellow key.
Use the yellow key to open the trunk of the car where you will find the garage door's remote control.
Go through the garage door and you're out.

Level 10.
Inspect the hood of the car and pick the welding torch.
Use it on the iron bars on the wall to make a crowbar.
Use the crowbar to slid open the manhole lid on the floor and get the magnet from it.
Use the magnet on the red drum/barrel to get grey key.
Use the key to open the cabinet then collect the car remote inside it.
Open the car's door using the remote then pick up the access card. Use it to open the door near the manhole.

Level 11.
Open one of the compartments on the table underneath the wall portraits and collect the blue power cable.
Plug the power cable on to the outlet on the wall beside the TV.
Collect the CD lying on the hanging bookshelf.
Look around to the right to find the green, blue and green switches on the wall. Press all of them.
Put the CD into the player under the TV. The screen will say 'insert code'.
Find the code on the magazines cluttered on the table. The code is 7245.
Inspect the sofa and shove the right most pillow aside to find the remote control. Use the number on it.
The TV screen now displays the final clue. Now go to the door and enter 753 to open it.

Level 12.
Inspect the TV set to find a knife.
Cut open the turkey on the dining table to get power cable.
Use power cable on the microwave oven then drag the butter inside it to melt and reveal the yellow key.
Use the key to open cabinet/fridge on the right then collect the screwdriver inside it.
Unscrew the enclosure of the vent beneath the window then pick up the access card from it.
Use access card to open the door and the game is complete.

If you find this guide helpful, I urge you to share it with your friends. All stages covered in this Can You Escape 3D walkthrough are for the Mansion level only and the Horror House guide will be written in another post.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Escape Level 14 Walkthrough and Cheats

As promised, here is my written solution for level 14 of Let's Escape app for android from mobest media. This level is more difficult to beat than the one before it so I figured that more players will get stuck here. Fortunately, I figured it out thanks to my years of enthusiasm in escape games.

Let's proceed:

Tap on the grill work bench/table (?) on the left where a piece of clothing hangs. Inspect the right part and click on it to obtain a piece of metal bar.

Let's Escape Level 14 walkthrough.
Go to the bird cage and use the metal bar to get the key. Use that key to open one of the drawers.
Get the scissors from drawer you just opened and use it to cut a piece of fabric from the cloth.
Use the piece of fabric on the cactus then check the cactus' shadow casted on the floor to find a 3 digit code.

Use the code to open the bottom drawer and get the plant from inside that drawer.
Go to the plant located in the right corner of the room just right of the door and get a black piece of paper from its pot.
Use the paper on the flower base atop the drawers to wash it and reveal hints.
Put the plant from your inventory beside the cactus plant then obtain the key from the red flower.

Use the key to open the bird cage and get the wooden handle from it.
Go to the drawer then on to its left side to go to the secret wall compartment. Use the wooden handle to open it.
Tap on each drawing to change their colors to this order: cup=blue, bird=green, heart=yellow, star=violet.
Get the the final key from it and use it to open the door and complete the game.
Let's Escape Level 14

That ends our Let's Escape level 14 walkthrough solution which is sure to help you make progress in your game.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Escape App Level 13 Walkthrough Cheats

Are you stuck in level 13 of Let's Escape app from mobest media? You are lucky I was bored and I kind of just want to share how I completed this level of the game. Without further ado, here is a written guide that I hope will be of any help for those who are having difficulties solving it.

Inspect the bed and get the handle piece of cutter from under the left pillow.
check the drawer on the dresser/mirror and get from one of the drawers the blade of cutter.
Go back to the bed and click on the right pillow to lift it. Use the cutter from your inventory to cut the lump on the bed and get the key from it.
Use the key to open the drawer of the bedside table where the lamp is. pick up the bulb from it.
Put the bulb on the lamp and press the button in this order: yellow, red, yellow, yellow,  red, yellow, red, red and key will appear at the base of the lamp.
Use the key to open the wardrobe/cabinet. Count the sides of each shapes of the hangers and use it as the number code on the bottom drawer of the lamp table. The code is 4163.

Let's Escape level 13 walkthrough cheats.
Get the red chisel from the bottom drawer you just opened and go back to the wardrobe/cabinet. Click on the bottom-middle part of the cabinet's wall inside and use the chisel on it to reveal a secret panel.

Let's Escape Level 13
The clue to solving this puzzle is in the checkered painting above the bed when viewed through the mirror (see photo above).
If you successfully opened the secret compartment, you'll get the last key which opens the door to the next room.

That concludes our Let's Escape Level 13 walkthrough solution while the written guide for level 14 will be covered in another post so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flappy Bird Iphone and Android Cheat

Having fun and getting frustrated at the same time is what Flappy Bird do to its players. Who would have thought that avoiding green Mario pipes is super fun and challenging? Well, the developer of this app is a genius to know just that. Giving people just one simple challenge and that is to get high scores by precision tapping on your device. By the way, this game that was first launched on itunes is also now available on Play store so android game would also enjoy the flapping challenge.

Anyways, you might be wondering if there is a way to cheat on this game, right? But what sort of sorcery would be needed in order to get pass your friend's highscore of 10 (lol)? Well, there is this one glitch that others exploited in the game in order to achieve a hundred or even thousands of a score. Rumors has it that if fly high all the way to the top quickly enough then stop flapping and drop straight down almost to the ground, the glitch will be activated which will let you go through the pipes without getting killed.
Flappy Bird cheat.

I have tried this method but I think it is not working for me or maybe I just have the updated version of the game which has already fixed the glitch. To sum up what steps I did:
-fly high all the way to the top of the screen
-fall down to the point that the bird is about to hit the ground then flap back up to the middle area of the screen.

If you are going to try this Flappy Bird cheat to see if it works for you, please let us know the results by leaving a comment.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hitstick Rebirth cheats

Hitstick Rebirth is a action shooter game from pyrozen. In this game, you play the role of a professional hitman and your missions are mostly consist of taking out targets undetected. You are dealing with mafia bosses and other high profile targets that is why sometimes you will get in trouble if you don't do your attacks stealthily.

This game may look simple but it has levels that are rather difficult to pass. One might get easily stuck on some point of it. Fortunately, there a cheat feature in this game which enables the player to play with extra perks like unlocking all weapons and levels. You can use the following cheat codes below in this game.
Hitstick Rebirth cheatsHOLSTER - unlocks all weapons.
INCOGNITO - minimum hostiles.
BRIEFCASE - unlocks all of the missions.
PAYDAY - gain 2500 cash.
BELT - unlimited ammo.

Now the question is where do you put those codes, right? In the main menu where the missions are listed in the left part of the screen, you will notice a shield icon just beneath the missions. Click it to be taken to the cheats menu. Enter the codes I've given above and press activate after each code. That's it. You have now successfully used Hitstick Rebirth cheats which will enable you to gain the upper hand in your missions.