Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Room 2 Game Chapter 1 Walkthrough with Puzzle Guide

Are you stuck on chapter 1 of The Room 2 game/app by fireproof? Well lucky you, you found this guide. Let me walk you through the chapter 1 and I am sure you'll learn a thing or two on how to solve puzzle and stuff in ch 1.

Right after the tutorial part at the beginning, you will be presented with a puzzle box. You must spin the center spindle around and shift the outer shapes into their respective spots. Line them up correctly then open the box and obtain the lens.

There will be another set tutorial steps that will teach you how to fix your eyepiece then after that get the small hexagonal object.
The Room 2 Chapter 1 walkthrough.

After that, zoom out and look around the octagonal shaped table with the puzzle box you just solved and opened. You will find another hexagonal object on one corner.

Take it and then go check out the other square table.

Place both of the objects into the hexagon shaped dents on this table.
Turn the metal discs so that a hole appears in the center of the table. Take the brass sphere.

Place the brass sphere into the middle of the giant compass on this table (pictured above). Zoom out once and use your eyepiece to see a secret message on the note (it reads: SESWN).

Hold on the center of the compass and spin it so that the arrow goes past the south, then east, then sout, then west and north.

If you did it correctly, the letters SESWN will appear on the tiles below the eye/sphere.

Obtain the medalion. Tap it to examin it up close. Notice the two pieces of it with arrows? Pull them apart using two fingers until the medallion shifts into a tile.

Go back to the octagonal table and check out the box on the middle of it. Put the medallion tile in the hole/dent in the center. It will reveal a lamp.

Grab a hold of the lamp by double-tapping it. Activate your eyepiece to see into the darkness. While you're at that, wiggle the lamp to find a symbol in the background (see picture above).

Wiggle it again twice to be taken to a blind statue holding a small box. Rotate the top part to make the symbol on the box line up.

As the box opens you will see red sticks. Turn the camera around to see a red shape on the background. Finally, line up the red sticks with the shape and that ends our walkthrough for The Room 2 chapter 1.

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