Friday, December 13, 2013

Feed Us Lost Island cheats

Feed Us Lost Island is yet another flesh eating monster game where you play as the vicious piranha victimizing humans. If you think, you've seen enough human flesh munching, small fish bullying and boat bashing action in all of the previous Feed Us series, think again because the terrifying red piranha is back and is even more hungrier than ever. The game is set in six new worlds across a certain remote island filled with unsuspecting tourists.

You know the drill, just keep on eating and gain more blood to buy upgrades and complete several objectives for more challenge. If you want more fun and you want it quick, you can always use the cheat codes listed below.
Feed Us Lost Island cheats.

TRAVEL - Unlock fast travel in pause menu.
TINY - Become tiny main piranha.
MASSIVE - Become a very large piranha.
EPICJUMP - You jump higher.
POPOUT - Unlock all in the shop except Air Strikes.
APPETITE - 2x more floating meat.
HARDFISH - Classic seeds are invincible.
WARNING - Deactivate warnings.
WAR - Every human throw spears.
PEACE - No humans throw spears.
DEADARMY - Enable human skeletons.
BEAST - Become invincible.
SLOWCOW - Slow down enemies.
To use these codes you must go to career menu by entering a fish barrel or by pressing pause. From career menu proceed to 'extras' and from there you will find where to enter the Feed Us Lost Island cheats I listed above.

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