Thursday, November 14, 2013

Haunted Manor 2: The Horror Behind the Mystery App Walkthrough

Haunted Manor 2 app aka HM2: The Horror Behind the Mystery is a dark themed point and click game for mobile. The game is available on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free. It appears to be just the trial version and the full game is yet to be released. However, the trial version still presents a challenging puzzle to solve and is definitely worth your time.

Like I've mentioned, this game presents a significant challenge in terms of being a brain teaser so I figured that maybe I could help you out in solving it. Below is the Haunted Manor 2: The Horror Behind the Mystery App walkthrough which will give step by step instructions in beating the game.

Go to the gate of the cemetery and look for a bent metal bar on it. Tap and drag the bent metal bar from the gate to obtain it.

Next thing to do is go to the trapdoor left of the house. Use the metal bar from your inventory on the lever slot of the trapdoor. Once you have the metal bar in place, click on it to open the trapdoor.

You are now inside of a dark tunnel at this point. When lightning illuminates the tunnel, tap on the metal bar on your right to obtain it again. Click on the glowing light at the end of the tunnel to get to a partly shattered wall.

Use your metal bar a bunch of times on the bricks to break them so you can fit inside.

Once you are inside the room, collect the wooden stool, the round object on the floor beside the locker, a lever near the mattress and a light bulb in between the pipes above the shattered mirror.

Inspect the switch and put the bulb, the lever and the round dial in their place.

Haunted Manor 2 The Horror Behind the Mystery app walkthrough.

Examine the papers on the wall and not the 4 numbers in it (9573). Use those numbers on the power switch then pull its lever to activate electricity inside the tunnel.

Go back to where you get the bulb and use your metal bar to extract the two pipes.

Go back outside and into the tunnel then use the stool to reach the rope from the trap door you fell from.

Since the tunnel is all lit up, you can now see another path to the right. Go there and use the two pipes you have with you to make a makeshift bridge.

Use the rope and metal bar to bent the bars. Put the rope first then your metal bar and twist it to bent the bars.

Inside the room, inspect the statue in the wall and get the key behind it. Use the key to open the door on your right.

It is the storage room full of old canned goods and a weird teddy bear with number 7 on its chest. Beside the teddy is rounded object which appears to be a numbered wheel. Get it then go to the numbered wheel puzzle beside the other door. Place the numbered wheel in the middle of the puzzle and arrange them in the order exactly like the one below.
Numbered Wheel Puzzle Solution to Haunted Manor 2 app.
Basically, you just have to make sure that all two numbers that meet must add up to seven. When you have done it right the puzzle will glow red. Go to the statue and press the button on it which will open the other door.
The last puzzle is relatively easy to solve. Just make it to what exactly shown in the photo below - a picture of dragons breathing fire.
That's all about our Haunted Manor 2 app walkthrough solutions and I hope this solves all your problems in the game.

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