Friday, November 8, 2013

Bitzy Blitz walkthrough: How to get more rubies

Bitzy Blitz is a shoot em up type of game from wingon studios in which your mission is to save an unknown village from its attackers. These attackers includes but not limited to steam punk airships, tanks and little soldier kids that will stab you while you are mounted on a tiny horse. But don't worry, you have three weapons each with unique type of firepower.

Bitzy Blitz walkthrough.The game is basically a bullet hell and taking out the enemy before they take you out is the best game plan. But to do just that, you will have to wield powerful weapons and that means you need to upgrade your weapons as early as possible but you can't do if you're short on rubies, right? To get more rubies early in the game, you must take advantage of enemies that spawn little fighter planes. Shoot down the planes but spare the airship spawning them. That way, you will be farming rubies for as much as you like.

The image on the right will give you an idea of what I am talking about here. This trick is the perfect if you want to get more rubies early on. If you think this Bitzy Blitz walkthrough helped you please consider sharing it.

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