Monday, November 11, 2013

100 Doors Aliens Space App Walkthrough Level 30-40

Below is a written guide for levels 30 to 40 of 100 Doors: Aliens Space Android app by gipnetix games. Other levels are covered in another post.

Level 30:
Click on the case in your inventory to throw the keys on the floor.
Drag all of the keys to a press machine.
Push the yellow button to receive big green key.
Drag the big green key to the keyhole.

Level 31:
Click the code panel and using the hint (2), enter the code: 8135.
Other elements in the room are there just to distract you.

Level 32:
Take the picture from the wall and put it on the machine by tapping on it.
Tap the red button 4 times then put the punctured picture on the lamp to see the clue on the wall.
Tap the panel and enter the code: 5137.

Level 33:
Your goal in this level is to guide the robot through the tube and to the red button.
Use the orange navigation buttons to direct robots movement. Robot passes 8 sections in one move.
You can see the distances and directions on the map. Be guided by it accordingly.

Level 34:
Tap on the bottom right ray of light to pick the pliers and use it to open the box at the top.
Cut the wires using the pliers then light the lamps in order that is displayed in the picture below:

100 Doors Aliens Space app walkthrough.

Level 35:
Switch the discs to place all the purple marks on the 12 o'clock position.
Click the on the bottom right disc only once and tap the top left disc twice.

Level 36:
Drag the robot to the left and place right under the box.
Press and hold down the push button so that the box opens.
Collect the key and use it on the door.

Level 37:
In this level, you need to set the value of indicators on the right for all the balls to stop their rotations simultaneously.
Set the value indicators like in the picture below then push the button on the door.

100 Doors Aliens Space walkthrough level 30 to 40.

Level 38:
Determine the code by calculating the points between the planets on the star map. Each direction correspond to one number in the code. The same directions are being added.
The sequence of the code is displayed by the directions above the door.
Tap on the code panel and enter these codes: 091051374.

Level 39:
Tap on the arrows to drag the construction equipment down.
Click on the red button to deactivate energy field around the key. Collect the key and use in onto the keyhole.

Level 40:
Fill the reservoir with enery. The capacity of a reservoir is equal to 100 points.
Next, use the disc launching machine in which the discs are inserted to fill the reservoirs.
Discs differ by energy capacity: Disc with one black line on it = 17 poins. Two lines = 63. Three lines = 34. Four Lines = 50. Five lines = 83. Six lines = 43. Seven lines = 37. Eight lines = 23. Nine lines = 50.

There are more levels coming up for this game and rest assured that I will feature more of 100 Doors Aliens Space app walkthrough for upcoming additional levels.

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