Tuesday, September 10, 2013

House of Fear Escape Android App Walkthrough

House of Fear Escape is a dark scary puzzle game for android. It has some scare jumps so be cautious when you play this one. We don't want having heart attacks while procrastinating on our phone game. That's not very cool. Anyways, this game is not only scary at some parts but it can also present a decent and challenging gameplay specially the puzzles and riddles that you have solve.

That being said, let me help you get ahead of this game by giving you this guide laid out below.

House of Fear Escape walkthroughIn the first scene with two skeletons, pick up five items: one on th floor near the left skeleton, the chains tied into the hands of the left skeleton, the empty bottle, skull and bone. from the right skeleton, and the rope from the skeleton facing the ground. Use the first item to lock pick the keyhole on the door.

After that it would take me very long writing it so I will just demonstrate House of Fear Escape walkthrough via the video below.


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