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You Must Escape walkthrough

This is the Guide for You Must Escape android app by Tedven LLC. There are many like this walkthrough but this one is mine because I wrote it myself. The following will detail how I managed to complete all 10 levels of this challenging puzzle game.

Level 1: Open the refrigerator and open it. You will see lots of stuff in there but you only need the apple. Zoom back out to main view then go to the table by the right side of the door. Put the apple on the weighing scale and take the piece of paper under it. Go to the painting on the left wall of the room then tap it to reveal a secret vault. Use the code of numbers written on the piece of paper from your inventory to unlock and open the vault. Take the key, open the door with it and proceed to the next room.
You Must Escape walkthrough.

Level 2: Open the wall cabinet right of the door and take the plunger from it. Zoom out then use the plunger on the clogged sink.

Take the screwdriver from the sink. Use the screwdriver on the toilet. Take the knife from it

Tap on the black tiles of the bath tub then use the knife to crank open the black outlined brick. Take the item from it and use that item to fix the tub's faucet. A key will appear inside the tub. Take it, open the door with and leave.

Level 3: On the main view of the room, notice a black and yellow colored stick under the chair. Take it then go to the computer monitor and take the head piece of a hammer. In your inventory, combine the stick with hammer head. Use the hammer to break the glass of the emergency kit

Pick up the cloth from the table near the chest. Combine the cleaning liquid with the piece of cloth. Go to the mirror and wipe it using the cloth from your inventory to reveal the code for the computer. The for the computer is ABXS and the code for the chest is 8563.

Level 4: Take the blue water glass from the wall cabinet right of the door. Fill the glass with water from the water dispenser. Use the water filled glass on the fireplace to reveal a key.

Zoom back out to main view then pick up the small box of matches on the floor on the right side area of the room. Pick up the candle above the fireplace.
Use the matches on the candle in your inventory. Go to the carpet to the left of the room. Under it is a secret compartment. Open it with the key. Put the candle inside the dark compartment to reveal the door key. Open the door and escape.

LEvel 5: Go to the sword and take the orb from it. Go to the shield on the other side and move it aside to reveal a hole. Put the gem stone on the hole then tap it

Take the green bottle then go to the vase under the sword. Fill it with liquid from the green bottle.

Get the key from the vase. Under the chair beneath the shield, there is a torch holder. Take it and use it on the right flaming torch to light it. Go to the barrel and light the candle to reveal the code for the golden chest.

Take the key from the chest and use to open the door.

Level 6: Take the item from the urinal and the knife on the table. Take the saw from the toilet. Use the saw on the leg of the chair.

Go to left wall bed and unlock it by moving the purple levers in to the position: left pointing at 3 and right pointing at 6.

Examine the bed then use the knife on the obvious outlined area. Take the handle from it. In your inventory combine the stick with the pointy object to make a pick. Tap under the urinal and start digging using the pick.

Put the handle on the door you just dig. Go down under, pick up the shovel and the map. Open the map for the hint where to dig. That is where you find the key. Go back upstairs, open the door and leave.

Level 7: Tap on the left oriental lantern. Get a string from it. Go to the dragon statue and take the hook from its claws.

Combine the string with the hook and use it on the long necked vase shown in the picture below.

Pick up the handle under the table where the dragon sat. Use that handle on the drawer left of the door. The code to the box inside the drawer is 5938 as suggested by clues shown in the images below.

Level 8: Take the light bulb from the right lamp then put the bulb on the left lamp. Go to the aquarium to see the code (192). Use that code on the screen mounted on the wall.

Solve the puzzle on the right wall. It will reveal a vault. Use the code from the screen (8892) to open the vault then take the remote control from it. Go to the plants and take the battery cell from it. Combine the battery with the remote control.
Go to the aquarium then use the remote control. Adjust its volume to 100 to break the aquarium glass.
Get the key, open the door and escape.

Level 9: Go to the bookshelf and tap on the book titled "James". It will reveal a parchment. Go to the drawer and take the disc from it.
Put the disc on the turn table. Take the roll of paper from the turn table's speaker. Now go to the wall where it says teeeeeeet and ttettetts. See the image below.

What do you see? I see it reads 951 if you trace only the E's. Use those numbers on the box just below it. Go to the bottom drawer where you found the disc and use the password: Victory to open it as suggested by the two roll of papers you found earlier. Take the screwdriver and use to unscrew the lid of the box

Level 10: The last leve is an Egyptian themed room. First, go to the vases on the left and take the small shovel from it. Tap on the wall beside the left statue. Use the shovel on it.

Those cats has colored necklace that say red, yellow, green, blue. Use that code on the pillars.

Go to the floor by the feet of the right statue then pick up the item there. Put the headdress on the bird face statue (see image below).

Tap on the head of the coffin and follow the image below.

Put the staff you found in the coffin to the hand of the left statue. In the middle of the floor between the two statues, there is the last piece of the puzzle which is the blue eyball.

Once completed, tap on it once more to open it and reveal the key. Put the key into the little hole somewhere in the middle of the door.
That's it! You have now beaten the game with the help of You Must Escape walkthrough and you only need one more thing to do and that is to share this written guide.

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