Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Peacekeeper Final Boss walkthrough

The Peacekeeper is another fun shooting game from Berzerk studio in which peaceful utopia is a bit different. You play as the Peacekeeper and your only goal is to repel waves of enemies trying to the peace out of you. Throw everything you got and upgrade your gears to better defend the peace that you have been keeping for so long.

The gameplay tend to be a little bit addicting mainly because it's fast-paced and a lot of things exploding while a very upbeat music plays at the background. As per the difficulty, I personally think it's on average level. You won't get pacified a lot if you would just shoot efficiently. By that I mean you should fire carefully so you won't end up wasting shots.

Anyway, here is The Peacekeeper Final Boss Level 30 walkthrough demonstrating how to own 3 bosses at once.

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