Saturday, August 10, 2013

Obama Crazy Escape Walkthrough

Obama Crazy Escape is another new funny themed spoof game from inkagames. Featuring the president himself and a some peculiar characters, this game will take some place that that is dangerous, strange and full of riddles.

As any normal president that is suddenly teleported into a place that is not White House, your inclination is to escape the darn place. The question is how and that is what we are answering now for you. Read up on the walkthrough guide below to get started.

You are teleported. Pick up the game controller and skateboard behind the man in the first room.
Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough.

In the next room, pick up remote control, jigsaw doll and Apache hat.

Go to the teleport room then place robot jigsaw on the red spot. Teleport the robot by clicking the red button on the wall. Jigsaw will be teleported into another room. Control him using the your game controller so that you can move jigsaw away from the red spot but not across the red line.
Teleport the skateboard next. Again, control Jigsaw robot and make him pick up the skateboard to be placed on the floor where the x mark is. Click on the skateboard and then make jigsaw cross the line.

Pick up the prisoner's body and place him on the green spot to get the floating empty bottle.
Go back to the first room where you met the apache chief. Use the bottle water on the well. This will start a conversation with the apache guy. After your conversation, give him th apache hat so you can now fill the empty bottle with magic water from the well.

Go to the clock room. The clock suggests the code to the next room. The yellow arm tells the order while the green one tells the number to write. Example: the yellow hand points to 1 while the green hand points to 4. It tells you that the first digit of the code is 4. When you got the code memorized, proceed to the room where the minotaur is but drink the bottled water first.

When you're in the minotaur room, click on the remote control in your inventory. The minotaur leaves the room. Pick up the item opposite of the cat statue. Then place it into the keypad panel beside the door. Enter the code you got from the clock quickly.

Two doors will open but take the left one and pick up everything in it including the hole in the middle.
Go to the forest where the elder is. Pick up the item near him then talk to him.
Choose dialogue number 2. Give him the cat. Then the paper. Then place your magic carpet on to the groud as indicated by outlines.

Go down to the river and pick up the dog. Hop in the flying carpet then go up then forward. Drop the black hole into the x mark and the green blanket in that order.

Go back to elder and step down from the carpet. Put the dog on the marked x on the ground. Use the controller to control the dog. Lure the rabbid dog into the hole. Pick up the hole back as well as the ladder and bucket.

Go back to elder and down to the river. Put the ladder on the middle tree (see image below).

Use the crowbar-like item from your inventory to reach the vine and swing away! Click on the paper plane while mid air to glide to the other side of the river.

A bowling ball appears. Pick up the saw and seed. Use the saw on the lonely tree. Pick up rope and paddle.
In your inventory, combine wood and rope to make a raft. Place the raft on the water. Don't board the raft yet, go forward and get the fishbowl. Throw the fishbowl into river.
Step on the raft then use paddle on the water to move the raft. Pick up the bowling ball and go back to the other side. Fill your bucket with water from the river then proceed to the room where you got the fishbowl.

Click on the ogre and select the fist icon to get up the ceiling. Put the seed from your inventory into the pot then water it using the bucket filled of water. Climb the bean stalk then throw the bowling ball down the direction of the ogre.

Go down the bean stalk and down the hole. Go forward to the next room.
Place the black hole into left round mark on the wall (see picture below).

Click the hole you just made and then choose the eye icon to see what's behind the wall.
Take the soda. Go back and take your black hole back then put it on the other mark.
Put the soda behind the guy then go back. Now press the red button. Watch the two clowns fight until they evaporate lolz.

Pick up the coin in the corner of the room before you proceed to the next room.
Use the gold coin on the large monitor to start the mini game. Refer to the puzzle walkthrough below to learn how to solve it.

That's all to it guys. I trust that Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough has solved many problems of yours in the game.

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