Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hell Zombie Review and Walkthrough

Hell Zombies is a tower defense game for Android by ftgames. The game is set at the time when the gates of hell were opened releasing hordes of undead and bringing down fortresses and castles. In a last stand against these rising demons, you have rebuilt your castle and trained brave men but will prove to be the great general to lead the your troops in the defense of the last stronghold.

That my friends is the back story of the game. Now, let's look at the gameplay and mechanics. It has many challenging level to test your skills which by the way are stunning in terms of visuals. There are over 30 weapon upgrade combinations and skill development system from which you can build for your strategy. It has a number of beautiful magic spells. By beautiful I mean amazing graphics.

Hell Zombie walkthrough.Initial walkthrough. When you begin the game the first time, you will go through a short tutorial of the basic button functions i.e. aiming, using spells and calling out troops. In the upgrades menu that is accessible in between stages, you have the option to upgrade your offensive means like power and agility that affects your weapon's performance. Other than offensive, you also have the option to upgrade your defenses, spells or buy weapons using gold and gems that you earn from each battle.

Here's a tip: If you are prompted in the tutorial to use gold or gems to speed up mana regeneration and troops training, don't do it so that you can save gold and gems. You may rely on the first crossbow up to stage 15 and you'd still manage to survive the waves of enemies. However,  from stage 16 onwards, that weapon is not effective anymore unless you upgrade it using gold or gems.

When upgrading skills, go for strength then agility. Try to get to multiple arrow shot skill as early as possible even if it means beating levels with low rating. Or if you have the money to spend on gold, it's better. But assuming that you are like who would most likely not spend real money, getting the multiple shot skill at the cost of low rating is best.

I have not played the game to a significant length but I assure you that after the 15 level, you will be grinding for gold. Here is my first Hell Zombie walkthrough I recorded on my PC using Bluestacks emulator.