Friday, August 16, 2013

Can You Escape the Great House Walkthrough

Can You Escape The Great House app is a point and click puzzle from rock game developer. There is this house in the middle of nowhere that is haunted by ghosts. The people believed that maybe a secret agent or a superhero is living in there but actually was haunted by spirits. As a brave young boy, you decided to see for yourself but you end up trapped inside it unless you get rid of the ghosts. Figure out how to do just that or else you will be with them forever. And forever is such a long time.
Can You Escape The Great House Walkthrough.

Don't be afraid now because I will show you just how I got this game solved. Finding items is easy if you will use the ever useful technique of clicking everywhere. Yes, click everywhere until you get all items. But I suggest you meet the witch first to learn what items you should be looking for. Refer to the image below. If all else fails, refer to Can You Escape the Great House walkthrough for both Android and iPhone devices.

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