Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Must Escape walkthrough

This is the Guide for You Must Escape android app by Tedven LLC. There are many like this walkthrough but this one is mine because I wrote it myself. The following will detail how I managed to complete all 10 levels of this challenging puzzle game.

Level 1: Open the refrigerator and open it. You will see lots of stuff in there but you only need the apple. Zoom back out to main view then go to the table by the right side of the door. Put the apple on the weighing scale and take the piece of paper under it. Go to the painting on the left wall of the room then tap it to reveal a secret vault. Use the code of numbers written on the piece of paper from your inventory to unlock and open the vault. Take the key, open the door with it and proceed to the next room.
You Must Escape walkthrough.

Level 2: Open the wall cabinet right of the door and take the plunger from it. Zoom out then use the plunger on the clogged sink.

Take the screwdriver from the sink. Use the screwdriver on the toilet. Take the knife from it

Tap on the black tiles of the bath tub then use the knife to crank open the black outlined brick. Take the item from it and use that item to fix the tub's faucet. A key will appear inside the tub. Take it, open the door with and leave.

Level 3: On the main view of the room, notice a black and yellow colored stick under the chair. Take it then go to the computer monitor and take the head piece of a hammer. In your inventory, combine the stick with hammer head. Use the hammer to break the glass of the emergency kit

Pick up the cloth from the table near the chest. Combine the cleaning liquid with the piece of cloth. Go to the mirror and wipe it using the cloth from your inventory to reveal the code for the computer. The for the computer is ABXS and the code for the chest is 8563.

Level 4: Take the blue water glass from the wall cabinet right of the door. Fill the glass with water from the water dispenser. Use the water filled glass on the fireplace to reveal a key.

Zoom back out to main view then pick up the small box of matches on the floor on the right side area of the room. Pick up the candle above the fireplace.
Use the matches on the candle in your inventory. Go to the carpet to the left of the room. Under it is a secret compartment. Open it with the key. Put the candle inside the dark compartment to reveal the door key. Open the door and escape.

LEvel 5: Go to the sword and take the orb from it. Go to the shield on the other side and move it aside to reveal a hole. Put the gem stone on the hole then tap it

Take the green bottle then go to the vase under the sword. Fill it with liquid from the green bottle.

Get the key from the vase. Under the chair beneath the shield, there is a torch holder. Take it and use it on the right flaming torch to light it. Go to the barrel and light the candle to reveal the code for the golden chest.

Take the key from the chest and use to open the door.

Level 6: Take the item from the urinal and the knife on the table. Take the saw from the toilet. Use the saw on the leg of the chair.

Go to left wall bed and unlock it by moving the purple levers in to the position: left pointing at 3 and right pointing at 6.

Examine the bed then use the knife on the obvious outlined area. Take the handle from it. In your inventory combine the stick with the pointy object to make a pick. Tap under the urinal and start digging using the pick.

Put the handle on the door you just dig. Go down under, pick up the shovel and the map. Open the map for the hint where to dig. That is where you find the key. Go back upstairs, open the door and leave.

Level 7: Tap on the left oriental lantern. Get a string from it. Go to the dragon statue and take the hook from its claws.

Combine the string with the hook and use it on the long necked vase shown in the picture below.

Pick up the handle under the table where the dragon sat. Use that handle on the drawer left of the door. The code to the box inside the drawer is 5938 as suggested by clues shown in the images below.

Level 8: Take the light bulb from the right lamp then put the bulb on the left lamp. Go to the aquarium to see the code (192). Use that code on the screen mounted on the wall.

Solve the puzzle on the right wall. It will reveal a vault. Use the code from the screen (8892) to open the vault then take the remote control from it. Go to the plants and take the battery cell from it. Combine the battery with the remote control.
Go to the aquarium then use the remote control. Adjust its volume to 100 to break the aquarium glass.
Get the key, open the door and escape.

Level 9: Go to the bookshelf and tap on the book titled "James". It will reveal a parchment. Go to the drawer and take the disc from it.
Put the disc on the turn table. Take the roll of paper from the turn table's speaker. Now go to the wall where it says teeeeeeet and ttettetts. See the image below.

What do you see? I see it reads 951 if you trace only the E's. Use those numbers on the box just below it. Go to the bottom drawer where you found the disc and use the password: Victory to open it as suggested by the two roll of papers you found earlier. Take the screwdriver and use to unscrew the lid of the box

Level 10: The last leve is an Egyptian themed room. First, go to the vases on the left and take the small shovel from it. Tap on the wall beside the left statue. Use the shovel on it.

Those cats has colored necklace that say red, yellow, green, blue. Use that code on the pillars.

Go to the floor by the feet of the right statue then pick up the item there. Put the headdress on the bird face statue (see image below).

Tap on the head of the coffin and follow the image below.

Put the staff you found in the coffin to the hand of the left statue. In the middle of the floor between the two statues, there is the last piece of the puzzle which is the blue eyball.

Once completed, tap on it once more to open it and reveal the key. Put the key into the little hole somewhere in the middle of the door.
That's it! You have now beaten the game with the help of You Must Escape walkthrough and you only need one more thing to do and that is to share this written guide.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse Review and Gameplay walkthrough

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse adds up the dead into the original version. It includes new maps and modes in which you will find a vicious amount and assortment of very aggressive zombie types. Your objective, well try to get out alive. This new mode of gameplay really gives more challenge to up to 5 players in one server. It's really difficult although it offers fun multiplayer action, it is still buggy and many aspects of it are imbalanced. If you're the type of player who gives up easily, stay away from this game but if you like running zombies and you just like to shoot, run and live, give this a try.

Known bugs in the game:
-Physics mechanics are not smooth. When you are being chased by zombies then you mount a vehicle, the zombies following you gets stuck on top of you which at times can somehow prevent you from moving forward.
Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse walkthrough.-Some doors cannot be entered even if it is meant to be entered. I think it's a glitch which prevents you from entering a door when carrying a specific weapon.
-Most of the other bugs are related to latency and connection so I guess it's just the lags that is messing the game.

If you have not heard of Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, here's a gameplay walkthrough from a good player.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama In The Dark 3 walkthrough

Obama in The Dark 3 is another installment from yet another funny game featuring the president himself. The president ventures himself into a journey to solve a mystery in the ghost town of Slaughter Gulch. The name of that town was sure scary enough to prevent you from going there but nothing scares the brave president so he ventures deep into the haunted town where he will have to solve many puzzles and overcome hazards it presents if he is to get out alive.

Like any other inka games involving this president, this one is totally fun and challenging at the same time. The riddles are well made and you have to be a little clever in order to solve some of them. Anyways, if you are having trouble beating the game which is most likely the case because you are here, I have here Obama in the Dark 3 walkthrough demonstrating how to complete the game.

Obama in the Dark 3 walkthrough.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hell Zombie Review and Walkthrough

Hell Zombies is a tower defense game for Android by ftgames. The game is set at the time when the gates of hell were opened releasing hordes of undead and bringing down fortresses and castles. In a last stand against these rising demons, you have rebuilt your castle and trained brave men but will prove to be the great general to lead the your troops in the defense of the last stronghold.

That my friends is the back story of the game. Now, let's look at the gameplay and mechanics. It has many challenging level to test your skills which by the way are stunning in terms of visuals. There are over 30 weapon upgrade combinations and skill development system from which you can build for your strategy. It has a number of beautiful magic spells. By beautiful I mean amazing graphics.

Hell Zombie walkthrough.Initial walkthrough. When you begin the game the first time, you will go through a short tutorial of the basic button functions i.e. aiming, using spells and calling out troops. In the upgrades menu that is accessible in between stages, you have the option to upgrade your offensive means like power and agility that affects your weapon's performance. Other than offensive, you also have the option to upgrade your defenses, spells or buy weapons using gold and gems that you earn from each battle.

Here's a tip: If you are prompted in the tutorial to use gold or gems to speed up mana regeneration and troops training, don't do it so that you can save gold and gems. You may rely on the first crossbow up to stage 15 and you'd still manage to survive the waves of enemies. However,  from stage 16 onwards, that weapon is not effective anymore unless you upgrade it using gold or gems.

When upgrading skills, go for strength then agility. Try to get to multiple arrow shot skill as early as possible even if it means beating levels with low rating. Or if you have the money to spend on gold, it's better. But assuming that you are like who would most likely not spend real money, getting the multiple shot skill at the cost of low rating is best.

I have not played the game to a significant length but I assure you that after the 15 level, you will be grinding for gold. Here is my first Hell Zombie walkthrough I recorded on my PC using Bluestacks emulator.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Can You Escape the Great House Walkthrough

Can You Escape The Great House app is a point and click puzzle from rock game developer. There is this house in the middle of nowhere that is haunted by ghosts. The people believed that maybe a secret agent or a superhero is living in there but actually was haunted by spirits. As a brave young boy, you decided to see for yourself but you end up trapped inside it unless you get rid of the ghosts. Figure out how to do just that or else you will be with them forever. And forever is such a long time.
Can You Escape The Great House Walkthrough.

Don't be afraid now because I will show you just how I got this game solved. Finding items is easy if you will use the ever useful technique of clicking everywhere. Yes, click everywhere until you get all items. But I suggest you meet the witch first to learn what items you should be looking for. Refer to the image below. If all else fails, refer to Can You Escape the Great House walkthrough for both Android and iPhone devices.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dooors Level 76, 77 and 78 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 76 is now up among other new levels which will have us players entertained again. The rules have not changed. Break out of the rooms by solving brain teasing puzzles and riddles in each of them. This app the defines what fun and challenging is.

Dooors Level 76 walkthrough:
When moving pipe that drops diamond nears the middle, tilt your phone slightly to the left so that the diamond will be caught by the basin at the center. Pick up the diamond then put in one of the wall slots on the left of the door (see the photo below to see where to put it).

Dooors Level 76 walkthrough.

Tap the door and proceed to the next puzzle.

Looking to cheat Doors Level 77 because you are stuck on it? Well, you have landed into the right page this side of the web. I have here the answers and solutions for that too, which will enable you to open these new tricky doors offered by this clever developer on both Android and iOS platform.

Dooors Level 77 walkthrough:
Select gun fro inventory then tap on the center light bulb. Then tap on each of the frames around the door until you form the star shape (see picture).

Dooors Level 77 walkthrough.
Once you have the star shape formed, you can now open door and proceed to next room.

Level 78 of Dooors app is quite more challenging than 76 and 77. But it is not impossible to solve. I know this because I passed the level myself. Okay, my friend solved it for me.

Here's Dooors Level 78 walkthrough:
Lift the each of the panels from the floor until you make something like in the picture below.
Dooors Level 78 walkthrough.
Do it just like that then open the door and proceed to level 79.

Conclusion: I have not yet come into a conclusion because of Dooors level 79 and 80 which will be posted tomorrow nevertheless.

History Quiz Level 51 to 134 Answers

Below are the answers to History Quiz app for levels 51 to 134 for ipad, ipod touch and ipad. This game is meant to test how knowledgeable you are when it comes to identifying names from the history of the world. It ranges from great conquerors, science, art, music and sports. How many can you name based on just four pictures of them and their famous works? Not that many I bet. But you can still solve them by using the solutions as shown below in the images.
History Quiz Level 51-134 answers.

There are currently over a hundred of level in this game and I will try to solve them up for you. The order of appearance of the pictures may vary on your own gameplay so bear with me. Anyway, here all my History Quiz all answers levels 51-134.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Icon Pop Quiz Weekend Specials Bands Answers

Icon Pop Quiz Bands is Weekend Special edition fro alegrium. It contains new logos and icons for you to solve but is narrowed down to the band category only. The game will show you simplistic icon from a popular band or artist and you just have to guess their name. The pictures may be an album art of the artist or their notable trademarks. Just like in the regular levels, the more accurately and quickly you solve a level the better score you will have to compete against your online friends through game center.

Icon Pop Quiz Weekend Specials Bands answers.

This update contains some clever ones and I must say that it took me quite some time to come up with the solution for some of them. And now I am sharing with you Icon Pop Quiz Weekend Specials Bands answers to help you progress when you got stuck in the game.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Escape The Estate walkthrough

Escape The Estate is a point and click puzzle game created by Zigurous and Bored. In this game, you woke up tied in bed inside a heavily secured room in a luxurious mansion. You have to get out of there as soon as you can but you have to solve brain damaging puzzles.

Escape The Estate walkthrough.This game can be very difficult especially the piano puzzle part where you have to read the code and press the keys in the correct order. If you are stuck, which is probably the case right now you may use Escape The Estate walkthrough showing how to beat the game which also includes how to solve the piano puzzle.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

History Quiz App Answers

History Quiz App is another new 4 pics 1 word clone game but focuses only to all things in the past. The game shows you four photographs then you must enter the correct word that the pictures describes. It is basically a name of a famous person who have had a significant impact in the history of the world.

The game can be difficult because it covers not just the famous people of one country but of other territories around the world too. Anyway, I have here all of History Quiz app answers for iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

History Quiz app answers.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Red Road Rage cheats

Red Road Rage is another top down drive shoot game from pyrozen. In this game, you take the wheel of the car while Natalia shoots and her cook prepares zombie steaks for the survivors to feed. While that sounds gross, it is none of your concerns as the designated driver. You job is to drive and smash zombies, upgrade your vehicle and weapons and unlock all levels so you can better serve your purpose.

Driving around at full speed, drifting and smashing into baddies are all fun but sometimes you just want to experience max potential of your skills. You can by using the codes below:
LOCKNLOAD - No reload.
Red Road Rage cheats.
CAMINO - Won't let you run out of nitrous boost.
STAGES - Unlock all 25 stages.
BISTRO - You get 100 zombie steaks for free.
METAL - you get 25 metals.
BULLETTIME - Infinite ammo.
TANK -  Never run out of gas.
STEERING - Super power steering enables you to perform tight turns.
To use the Red Road Rage cheats you must go to extras menu and from there type in the codes (follow the demonstration below).

Obama Crazy Escape Walkthrough

Obama Crazy Escape is another new funny themed spoof game from inkagames. Featuring the president himself and a some peculiar characters, this game will take some place that that is dangerous, strange and full of riddles.

As any normal president that is suddenly teleported into a place that is not White House, your inclination is to escape the darn place. The question is how and that is what we are answering now for you. Read up on the walkthrough guide below to get started.

You are teleported. Pick up the game controller and skateboard behind the man in the first room.
Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough.

In the next room, pick up remote control, jigsaw doll and Apache hat.

Go to the teleport room then place robot jigsaw on the red spot. Teleport the robot by clicking the red button on the wall. Jigsaw will be teleported into another room. Control him using the your game controller so that you can move jigsaw away from the red spot but not across the red line.
Teleport the skateboard next. Again, control Jigsaw robot and make him pick up the skateboard to be placed on the floor where the x mark is. Click on the skateboard and then make jigsaw cross the line.

Pick up the prisoner's body and place him on the green spot to get the floating empty bottle.
Go back to the first room where you met the apache chief. Use the bottle water on the well. This will start a conversation with the apache guy. After your conversation, give him th apache hat so you can now fill the empty bottle with magic water from the well.

Go to the clock room. The clock suggests the code to the next room. The yellow arm tells the order while the green one tells the number to write. Example: the yellow hand points to 1 while the green hand points to 4. It tells you that the first digit of the code is 4. When you got the code memorized, proceed to the room where the minotaur is but drink the bottled water first.

When you're in the minotaur room, click on the remote control in your inventory. The minotaur leaves the room. Pick up the item opposite of the cat statue. Then place it into the keypad panel beside the door. Enter the code you got from the clock quickly.

Two doors will open but take the left one and pick up everything in it including the hole in the middle.
Go to the forest where the elder is. Pick up the item near him then talk to him.
Choose dialogue number 2. Give him the cat. Then the paper. Then place your magic carpet on to the groud as indicated by outlines.

Go down to the river and pick up the dog. Hop in the flying carpet then go up then forward. Drop the black hole into the x mark and the green blanket in that order.

Go back to elder and step down from the carpet. Put the dog on the marked x on the ground. Use the controller to control the dog. Lure the rabbid dog into the hole. Pick up the hole back as well as the ladder and bucket.

Go back to elder and down to the river. Put the ladder on the middle tree (see image below).

Use the crowbar-like item from your inventory to reach the vine and swing away! Click on the paper plane while mid air to glide to the other side of the river.

A bowling ball appears. Pick up the saw and seed. Use the saw on the lonely tree. Pick up rope and paddle.
In your inventory, combine wood and rope to make a raft. Place the raft on the water. Don't board the raft yet, go forward and get the fishbowl. Throw the fishbowl into river.
Step on the raft then use paddle on the water to move the raft. Pick up the bowling ball and go back to the other side. Fill your bucket with water from the river then proceed to the room where you got the fishbowl.

Click on the ogre and select the fist icon to get up the ceiling. Put the seed from your inventory into the pot then water it using the bucket filled of water. Climb the bean stalk then throw the bowling ball down the direction of the ogre.

Go down the bean stalk and down the hole. Go forward to the next room.
Place the black hole into left round mark on the wall (see picture below).

Click the hole you just made and then choose the eye icon to see what's behind the wall.
Take the soda. Go back and take your black hole back then put it on the other mark.
Put the soda behind the guy then go back. Now press the red button. Watch the two clowns fight until they evaporate lolz.

Pick up the coin in the corner of the room before you proceed to the next room.
Use the gold coin on the large monitor to start the mini game. Refer to the puzzle walkthrough below to learn how to solve it.

That's all to it guys. I trust that Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough has solved many problems of yours in the game.