Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sift Heads Cartels cheats

Sift Heads Cartels is the latest addition to the stick figure action game series by pyrozen. Our hero Vinnie once again finds himself on the verge of death behind enemy lines inside the teritories of urban gangsters keeping him from his partner and love Shorty.

You start off as an almost dead guy inside the trunk of car going down the bridge. After you managed to escape death by drowning, you must work your way to the streets while fighting gangsters in your way. Your only chance of survival is by maximizing your upgrades and that can take a lot of work. That is why the list of codes are provided in here to help you get ahead of your game.
Sift Heads Cartels cheats

TFIS - You gain bulletproof.
GAM - 2 times more ammo from killed enemies.

DAOLER - Faster reload time

UNLOCK - Unlocks all chapters in the game.
EVOM - Move faster.
REWOP - More powerful weapons.

To use Sift Heads Cartels cheats listed above just press 'P' on your keyboard to pause the game, save and quit then choose bonus content.

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