Friday, June 14, 2013

Backdoor Door 1 Walkthrough

Backdoor Door 1: The Call is a new pixel top down room escape game from solarvagrant. The game follow the story of a boy who one day woke up to find himself in a strange house. What's worse is that the house is on the moon. The only person who might know what is really going on is mysterious person who contacts you over the phone. Find items and look for clues to figure out how do you escape this strange place and get back home.

Backdoor Door 1 walkthrough.This game has some really clever puzzles and the clues you find around the house really is relevant to solving puzzles. One can get stuck easily in it though. But not me because I was feeling awesome when I played it. Anyway, here's complete Backdoor Door 1 walkthrough showing full gameplay and solutions that will help you progress down to the ending.

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