Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wake Up The Box 5 Walkthrough

The most sleepy square character on the internet is back in Wake Up The Box 5, the latest episode of the physics puzzle game by Eugene Karataev. Your objective in this game is non other than to knock the sleeping box off the edge in order to have him awake.

Draw shapes and lines inside the drawing area that you think will interact well with the other objects already in the scene. You can use freehand drawing, lines or circles depending on what you need to do.

Wake Up The Box 5 WalkthroughAlways keep in mind that the drawing area is the only place you are allowed to draw and that is the catch of the game which makes it challenging and interesting. For those who are stuck and looking for help or solutions to particular levels, please find answers in Wake Up The Box 5 walkthrough laid out down below.

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