Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snoring 2 Winter Edition Walkthrough

Snoring 2 winter Edition is another Christmas themed point and click physics based puzzle from alma games. Christmas is here, the snow is constantly falling from the sky and so as the snoring of the most sleepy elephant in the world that is driving everyone crazy. Fortunately, this sleepy elephant always sleeps on the edge where he can be easily knock down with a slight push.

Snoring 2 Winter Edition WalkthroughThe problem is how will you be able to push him off the edge. The answer is simple, other animals to make a chain reaction and get that elephant awake. Each animal has their different characteristics and abilities like for example; pigs can roll while zebras can jump. Use their abilities wisely and with the right timing you should be able to solve each level.

Meanwhile, here is Snoring 2 Winter Edition walkthrough showing how to beat all levels of the game.

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