Friday, December 21, 2012

Hobo 7 Heaven Passwords Cheats

Hobo 7: Heaven is the last episode in the epic saga of the homeless badass in the action brawler from armorgames. After defeating Satan in hell in the previous episode, Hobo is now on heaven to have an epic showdown with God himself. with new moves and combos, try and defeat all the angels and face your maker in the final stage.

Like all previous episodes, this one has some tricky enemies that makes your playing a little challenging. As you progress, you will face different types of enemies with different abilities so you better master your combos to counter their attacks. If you are stuck, you can use these Hobo 7 Heaven cheat codes that will enable you to skip levels.
Hobo 7 Heaven Passwords Cheats
DIVINE - go to checkpoint 1.
HEAVENLY - go to checkpoint 2.
ALMIGHTY - go checkpoint 3 (showdown with God).

Here is a video of me demonstrating Hobo 7 Heaven Passwords Cheats.


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  2. this will enable cheat mode. Return to the game and then use any of the following key combinations to enable that cheat. All of these cheats have been verified.