Monday, December 3, 2012

100 Floors Christmas Walkthrough

100 Floors Christmas is another escape game for the iphone from Tobi Apps. It is basically the Xmas version of the hit game 100Floors that was released recently.

Your goal is to solve puzzles that each level presents and advance to the next level where a new puzzle awaits you. There are a total of 15 holiday themed levels in this game and it gets more and more challenging as you progress.

100 Floors Christmas WalkthroughThis app has proved to be highly entertaining but also one notch higher in terms of difficulty because you have to consider all the functionality of your device when solving puzzles.

That means you don't just tap objects, sometimes you have to shake, tilt and swipe stuff in order to interact with the game. Meanwhile, laid out here is the 100 Floors Christmas walkthrough guide demonstrating solutions for all levels in the game.

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