Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unfreeze Me Walkthrough

Unfreeze Me is another physics puzzler game that we can all sink our teeth into this weekend. In this game, cute and helpless birds are stuck frozen in ice cubes and as an animal loving person that you are, it's your duty to save them from frost bite.

Use your mouse to shoot water, yes that stuff is just plain water, they only behave in a weird way but the developer of the game assures us that it's just water. Anyway, water is what you need to defrost the ice cube that is trapping the birds. In most levels, you will also need the help of flanks to redirect the liquid from your cannon.

Unfreeze Me walkthroughThis game also has an achievements gallery where you can try to aim for if you want extra challenges. It has twenty well thought out levels including the smooth tutorial levels.

You may also aim for the highest rating for each level if you want perfection, but it is not necessary to beat the game. Meanwhile, here is full Unfreeze Me walkthrough demonstrating all levels in the game beaten.

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