Thursday, November 8, 2012

Incursion Walkthrough

Incursion is a point and click tower defense strategy game from booblyc. Unlike conventional tower defense type, this game uses outposts and defender units to repel incoming enemies, often coming from more than one direction of the map. You have three types of defender; melee, magic and archer. Each one of them can be upgraded to something more powerful depending on your style of defense. You can move them around their outpost but in a limited area only. The enemies are very widely varied and it's a challenge to always know your enemies - what type are they and what are their weaknesses etc., which makes it really engaging.

Incursion WalkthroughThe strategy element of this game is excellent and the gameplay is just plain addicting and entertaining. The effects are wonderful, the music is right and the level difficulty is a tough challenge. Meanwhile, I recorded my gameplay of this game demonstrating how I did with my strategy in order to beat each level. So yeah, here is my Incursion Walkthrough which might give out to you some tactics and tips in placing your defender units in various stages including the 14th and last level.

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