Thursday, November 22, 2012

Icon Pop Quiz Answers

Icon Pop Quiz app is yet another guessing game which will test your familiarity with movies and TV icons. There are over 400 original handcrafted graphics from both movies and TV programs that you must figure out.

You can solve each puzzle differently; you can base you answer on the general knowledge about movie/TV by using the hint button, figure out the right word by using the open letters to reveal correct letters in a word or eliminate keys to remove incorrect ones. If all else fails, you can choose to reveal the correct answer using accumulated points or just ask your friends on FB or Twitter.

But if friends can't help you and the internet is all you've got right now, well, I guess the internet will not let you down this time because I have here your level 1 Icon Pop Quiz Answers up and ready for the taking.

Icon Pop Quiz Answers

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