Monday, November 5, 2012

Hordes and Lords walkthrough

Hordes and Lords is a tactical fantasy real time strategy wargame from oroborogames. It's like a mini Total Wars and the likes. It's enjoyable but I only wish players can play other races or army. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, the kingdom of Ingelron were striken by the Heavens. Apparently, Methinks, their lord was a purebred loser. He couldn't keep the Hol Artifacts, he surrounded himself with thieves and crooks and worst of all was having balls 8 days a week.

One day, the capital was engulfed in the purifying flame and it blew the palace to smithereens with the king. The whole country became plunged into chaos. By ill luck, there were also a leader of bandits sitting quietly on the border who plundered and took from the rich and gave to the poor - an aspiring ruler. So yeah, he decided to be the new king by defeating goblins and other nasty creatures across the land.
Hordes and Lords walkthrough
This game is a straight forward mini wargame with squads and classes of soldiers whose strengths and weaknesses vary. Just mouse them over to where you want them go on the map and they follow, automatically attacking in range enemies. Meanwhile, I managed to find some footage of Hordes and Lords walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay from start to victorious finish.

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