Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doors and Rooms Android App walkthrough

Doors and Rooms is another tap and play puzzle app from Gameday in which player's objective is to escape from sealed room. There is no back story and just straight forward get the heck out of here type of gameplay. Find a way to open the doors and escape from captivity. It may seem so simple but it can really be addictive and engaging so be sure to be prepared to get occupied when you are planning to download this lovely app.

It's one of those never ending battle of wits against the developers, you keep on solving the levels, the devs will realease new ones. Aside from the clever puzzles it offers, it also features various themed backgrounds and excellent graphic quality that I think was never before seen in the escape game genre for mobile and oh yeah it's free to play.
Doors and Rooms walkthrough
Are you having trouble beating certain levels? Try these tips:

Use common sense.
Think outside the box.
Stay alert and listen carefully. Yes, sounds can help you escape at some levels.
Items you obtained can be examined, dismantled and compounded to get new hints.
Most importantly, do not miss even the slightest detail on your screen. You don't know that even a scrap of tiny paper can be the game changer hint.

If you are still stuck, here is a collection of Doors and Rooms walkthrough showing spoilers and solutions for chapters Rusty Key and Secret Door.

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