Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carveola Files Walkthrough part 1

Carveola Files is the sequel to the horror themed shooter game from wootra. By the end of the first world war, an uprising of what seem of a zombie outbreak at Carveola was fought by armies around the world. Thirty years later, the outbreak reoccurs. Your mission to hold the line and don't let those walking dead breach the barricade or the rest of the defense will fall.

This game is a tap down shooter mixed with defense type. We've seen many of these types of games but Carveola Files can hold on its own. You don't just place units, you also have one soldier under your control. You also have the abilities to call in armor support and artillery and air strikes.

Carveola Files WalkthroughBut what I think this game is lacking, is a good AI. Your units just won't shoot right. They are practically dumb. The hit-points of the wall is kind of low and by level 9, being overrun is very imminent. But then again, maybe it's just who can't handle waves of enemies. I think I need a cheat of some sort for this. Anyways, here is my gameplay footage for this, you may call it part 1 of my Carveola Files walkthrough or whatever if you will.

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