Friday, October 5, 2012

Deep Sleep walkthrough

Deep Sleep is a horror themed game from scriptwelder in which players get the chance to be creeped out by nightmare creatures in pixel graphics. I played this game earlier and I am so happy that I decided not to play at night. Its a point and click room escape type where you mouse everything around, finding ways to progress to the ending. Your goal is to wake from the dream but it is not easy when it's scary.

Anyway, here's my written guide for this game showing how I beat the game.

You just woke up.
1. Get the key from the green vase.
2. Go right and use the key on the locker drawer.
3. Get the Cube with a keyhole, a blue object.
4. Go back to the bedroom where a skeleton is lying. Get his arm, a human bone.
5. Go downstairs and enter the hallway down to the basement. Pick up  a pice of old cloth from the bucket.
6. Go back up once and go the room on the right where there is a leaking water from pipe. Use piece of old cloth on water on the floor.
7. Go down to where the furnace is. Use human bone on the object on the right and switch it to turn the flames off.
Deep Sleep walkthrough screenshot
8. Click on furnace to inspect it. Use the soaking wet piece of old cloth on the handle to turn the furnace door open.
9. Go inside the furnace and pick up the key. Go further in and scrub the ashes to reveal a 4 digit number. Take note of it.
10. Go back upstairs straight to the balcony. Go to the right area in there where you will find a small room with a desk and a phone ringing.
11. Pick up the phone to be creeped a little. Get the flashlight in the desk and use the key that you just got from the furnace on the desk's topmost drawer to get batteries.
12. Combine the batteries to flashlight. Go back to hallway and notice that the door is now open. Go in there and use the flashlight on the pitch black darkness to be creeped once more.
13. Go forward then left. Go forward and follow the light until you get outside. Go down the lower window. Click on the panel on the right.
14. Enter the 4 digit number code from the furnace. Open the door by clicking on the handle a bunch of times until the door is completely open.
15. Use your flashlight and go forward until you see a closed door and a pic axe hanging on the wall. Get the pick axe. The opens and a creepy creature appears. Run back.
16. Close the door by clicking furiously on that lever next to the code panel.
17. Leave the room through the window. Go down the staircase and notice something is hanging from the end of the stairs. Pick it up, its a hook. Go back upstairs and find the blocked passage on the right -- a wall that has many cracks on it.
18. Use the pickaxe on the wall 3 times until you make a big hole. Go through it. Pick up the net on the sand. Combine hook and net. Go back to the dark corridor until you get to the three windows view. Use the hook and net on the upper left window. You can now enter it.
19. Pick the key hanging from the wall and use it on the cube with a keyhole. You now have a shiny blue gem.
20. Go back to the beach through the wall hole and go the lighthouse. Enter it and climb up the stairs until you reach the top. Put the shiny blue gem on the light source.
21. Go downstairs out the lighthouse to meet the creepy creatures. As quick as you can, climb back up the lighthouse to the top and quickly use levers to position the light in the middle, pointing its light to the stair way.

That's it guys! Our Deep Sleep walkthrough ends here and I hope it could help those who are genuinely stuck in the game.


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