Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reign of Centipede walkthrough

Reign of Centipede is an aim and shoot type of platformer from helmetgames. Your goal is to survive wave after wave of monsters trying to overrun the floating islands. You win if you survive all 65 waves in a stage. Surviving depends on how you manage your islands, in some stages, spending your money on infrastructure that produces soldiers is a wise choice than buying powerful weapons.

Its gameplay is very plain straight to the point and conventional but the challenge is what makes it worthwhile. Spending on the wrong spot can get you in trouble in the long run. I suggest that you make the middle area of the level as your stronghold but early in the game, starting from the top with small firepower buildings is a good strategy. Once you have enough coins, buy the shotgun and take out the enemies on the bottom levels then start working on building green ones that will produce shotgun troopers.

Reign of Centipede walkthrough.
Shotguns are your best bet here because they are the most average in terms of cost and efficiency. But if you can manage to come up with enough money in a short period of time, always go for the most expensive building. Isolating an island and letting monsters amass in there before completely destroying their portal is a good strategy to get easy money. Meanwhile, here is a video of me, you can call it a Reign of Centipede walkthrough if you will but it is just to give you an idea on how a good set up looks like.

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