Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pheus and Mor walkthrough

Pheus and Mor is a 2 character physics platformer game from PegasGames in which the player follows the story of two bestfriends. We are not talking about regular best friends here, its a boy and his dog kind of BFF. Pheus and his dog Mor must solve the puzzles in each level helping each other and find out what really happened. Why are you in that place and what's with all these weird and surreal rooms riddled with obstacles and switches? Why does the music is so sad? Is there something it is hinting you about the ending?

Dual character has been presented in flash games a long, long time ago so obviously, the mechanics here are not new. But Pheus and Mor is probably one of the most beautiful dual platformer out there. The graphics, the physics, the compelling story it tells and the music: they all fit together perfectly. As you progress through the game the more you will want them to be together even if the gaps are wider, the water is deeper and even if there are more hazards.
Pheus and Mor walkthrough.
This is a very engaging game that will stick in to you at least for quite a while. Overall, I give this a 5 out of five and a few slow claps. Meanwhile, here is Pheus and Mor walkthrough showing story spoilers including its ending and all levels solution.

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