Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Undermountain RTS Game Walkthrough

Undermountain is a title for a RTS game from Vasily Kotskin. In the game, a player can play a single player mode or fight other players in multiplayer mode.

The story is set in the Undermountain, a place where dwarves rule kingdoms. In single player mode, the player takes command of a dwarf kingdom and its army as the enemies come close. Hire workers and dig for gold while you manage resources, fortify defenses and devise your offense against enemy base.

Undermountain Walkthrough and Review.
While the whole context and mechanics of this game is a nice take on the real time strategy genre, it is receiving a lot of complains from its players about he AI of the characters. Apparently, the workers will aimlessly roam around when they don't have orders to dig and eventually will caught on hostiles' path. Other than that, this game is good and the campaign can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Meanwhile, as per Undermountain walkthrough here are some videos demonstrating complete single player gameplay.

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