Thursday, September 20, 2012

Takeover Walkthrough

Takeover is a new point and click real time strategy game on armorgames. It was developed by Iriysoft, whoever the guys behind that name, they did a great game for a RTS fan like me. The story of the game is set in a continent that was ruled by Rivadis Empire for centuries who has fallen into necromancers' hands and slowly dying of corruption. The player's goal is to take over the land whatever it may cost. Choose and lead one of 3 nations, each with different campaigns and different types of army with its unique strengths and weakness.

Takeover Walkthrough.It is hard for a RTS to get a significant number of plays in game portals and get the attention of RTS fans these days but Iriysoft nailed it this time. Takeover's graphics and unit animation kind of reminds of Battle Realms, the way the soldiers swing their swords and the way the horses charge into enemies. As per the strategy aspect of the game, its a simple management of 3 resources: population cap, gold and mana for magic, which is good because it will not occupy the player too much and for that you won't miss the action. The upgrades in between levels gives you the chance to choose which attributes or units to strengthen but I think it can go broader that it currently has.

The difficulty level gets progressively challenging and aiming for the perfect rating on each level can be tough. Now here are the Takeover walkthrough (Westaria, Icedales, Crimson Horde campaigns), demonstrating gamplay of all levels.

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