Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 walkthrough

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 is a unique point and click game about, well, trains from author romamik. It's a railway management type where the player's objective is to move wagons and locomotives to their proper stations. That may sound an easy task but further in the many levels of it you will discover that it is not a walk in the park.

There are different types of train cars which you have to move to their corresponding stations however, they can only be pulled or pushed by locomotives that also needs to get to their proper stations. In some levels, it will take you a lot of twists and turns, back and forth, but the real challenge is aiming for the gold medal rating which is determined by the par number of moves indicated in each level.

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 walkthrough.I have played other railway puzzles where you manage complicated tracks to reroute trains to their right stations but this one is different. You don't only manage tracks here but you will also have to move the trains and cars, disconnect them from each other in order to maneuver and calculate your moves a whole lot so you get that gold medal. I give this 5/5 for its puzzle aspect and game design. As per the difficulty, it's really extra challenging. Here's my Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 walkthrough part 1 where my level replays from A1-A10, B1-B10 and a couple of C levels are shown (most of them having gold medal).

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