Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Radiance Devices walkthrough

Radiance Devices is Hellroom's new platformer puzzler on armorgames. The player must pass through the test chambers filled with chains of energy that can only be activated by the Radiance Device, a gun like tool that shoots colored energy projectiles. Apart from all of the stuff I mentioned, the test chambers also pitfalls that will test your jumping precision.

Controls: Use [WASD] for moving and jumping while [E] is the action key [Q] for camera. I would say that this game is excellent and extremely fun but I am experiencing some lags when playing this game. I am using latest Firefox and I have not tried running it using other browsers. This may be a minor issue if not for the nature of the game like gaps that you have to leap over.

Radiance Devices walkthrough.
I am fan of platformers and I like the context and graphics of this one but as of the moment, this browser issue(?) is preventing me from, going further with the game. Maybe I'll just update this review with a more constructive one when I get to play this with the issue mentioned is fixed. Meanwhile, here is Radiance Devices walkthrough demonstrating the game.

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