Thursday, September 20, 2012

Purple Planet Walkthrough

Purple Planet is a new point and click adventure type game from coolbuddy. The world is when mankind has the ability to set foot on other worlds with the help of their advance rocket propulsion technology. But a space voyage has gone wrong for one astronaut and his dog when they landed their spaceship on Purple Planet. Waking up on an unknown world, you are the astronaut and you don't remember anything but something is not right: your dog is missing. Probably taken by some green aliens. Go forth and use your wits to find him and find out who is who on this planet.

I don't always play point and click escape games but when I do, it involves an astrodog who has gone missing. While the mechanics of this game is nothing just like all the other P and C games out there, its art style stands out from the crowd.

Purple Planet Walkthrough.Well, maybe that's my personal opinion on this game but games with detailed visuals and certain style, i.e. wacky or comic-y look, gets my attention and making me stick around. This one is one of those type of games.

As per the level of difficulty, it's got some few tricky scenarios and clever puzzles. If you got stuck (like me) at some point of it, here is a Purple Planet walkthrough demonstrating how to solve it.

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