Friday, September 14, 2012

Poptropica Lunar Colony walkthrough

Poptropica Lunar Colony brings the adventure set in space where you will see abandoned space station and even receive signal from beyond the stars. Explore the secrets of the lunar surface as you unravel the mystery of the cosmos. This game brings new and different environment to the Poptropica world. You can never go wrong with space adventure and this one will easily be a new favorite of the fans.

Of course there's a bonus quest, no Poptropica game that does not have one. On this one, you've returned to planet Earth and received a new transmission: an alien code that needs to be cracked and translated. Note that you can only play the bonus quest if you sign up for the membership. You will also get members only items like gear packs, costumes and alien archaeology power if you do so.
Poptropica Lunar Colony walkthrough

Anyway, since Poptropica LC can get really difficult at some point due to the nature of the game. Specific quests are specially challenging and may require a little thinking out of the box. Here is a full Poptropica Lunar Colony walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game. It will also show how to get important items like the key card and how to pass the eye scanner.

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