Sunday, September 9, 2012

Escape From Very Bad Planet (VBP) walkthrough

Escape From The Very Bad Planet (VBP) is Friedpixel's new point and click space shooter game. It's basically the product of an avoider, retro pixel and sidescroller shooter genre fused together. The gameplay is straightforward; upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins along the way and survive till the end of the single level. It's fast paced and one can get easily hooked into it because it's rarely that you get a dull moment in the game. There's always an obstacle to avoid, coins and bonuses to collect and incoming enemies to defend yourself against with.

At the beginning, you can only move your ship around and collect coins, that sounds very boring, right? But once you have purchased some upgrades including guns, things will change instantly.

If you have to get the most of the action, I suggest you buy the coin magnet upgrade early on so that harvesting money will be much easier then you can buy rockets and anything easily the next time you visit shop.

Overall, this game is simple yet fun with all its attractive graphics, addicting gameplay and sound effects. The only eye sore in it is the popup messages stays too long in the player's face (the problem might be on my end though i.e browser issue). Meanwhile, here is Escape From the Very Bad Planet walkthrough demonstrating gameplay completion.

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