Thursday, September 13, 2012

Angel of the Battlefield 2 Walkthrough

Angel Of The Battlefield 2 is a new platformer game developed by dennatouch for PC, Android and iOS. The player in this game takes the role a medic rabbit whose goal is to rescue the wounded and bring them back safely to the medic tent. While that may sound like an easy task, the real challenge comes in when you want to go for three star rating which means beating levels in shortest possible time. Dodging projectiles shooting from nowhere and leaping gaps can be really difficult when you are time pressured.

There are 20 stages to play in this game and each is more challenging after the other. There are also bonus rounds where you shoot carrots and planes to give players a break from all the challenge. As per the design, sounds and music, I think they compliment each other very well.

Angel of the Battlefield 2 walkthrough.The controls are easy and responsive except the minimum height of the jump is dangerously high. In some levels you will wish that you can jump a little lower so that you can avoid bullets but you just cannot. Other than that, it's fine game and I personally recommend it to my readers here. Meanwhile, here is Angel of the Battlefield 2 walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

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