Tuesday, September 4, 2012

100 Gates Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Solution for levels 21 to 30 of 100 Gates Android app is listed below. This set of levels is one of the latest update as of the time of this writing. Without further ado and BS introduction, read on for the written guide and some videos.

100 Gates Level 21

Shake it baby! Shake your device til that dragon breathe fire and disappears. The room will be set in flames. Drag all the pieces of pipes from the lower right corner of the screen and connect them together to devise a water sprinkler to put out the fire. See the video for the right design of the pipes. When the fire is out, the dragon will appear once again. Take out your mighty sword from the inventory and use it the dragon to kill it. Proceed to the next gate.

100 Gates Level 22

Press on the scrolls as indicated by the two books below. See the image below for the scrolls that needs to be opened.

100 Gates Level 21-30 walkthrough.

After the scrolls disappears, tap on the shelf to reveal the exit.

100 Gates Level 23

Move symbols to their corresponding spot -- move them to the one that matches the symbol color. The exact order: pink, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green. pink, blue, yellow. After that, tap the center of the door to proceed to the next stage.

100 Gates Level 24

Tap the skulls as suggested by the numbers under the candles. The exact order should be: top, left, right, bottom. But the catch is that the skulls must be in vertical position when you tap them so just tilt your device accordingly so that the skull's head you are tapping is pointing upward.

100 Gates Level 25

You have to steer the gear by moving your phone. The moment the gear hits the numbers, they will start spinning. Just see the video for the solution for 25.

100 Gates Level 26

change the order of the signs by tapping it in this exact order: 5th, 1st, 1st 5th, 5th.

100 Gates Level 27

Tap each of the pieces to turn them around until the puzzle is solved. It may take some time (about 40 seconds). It's pretty easy actually but here is a video anyway.

100 Gates Level 28

Before you start this level, put your phone on a flat surface to balance and control easily (a table will do okay). Tilt your phone to move star to the moon on the top left, sword and shield must go to the knight's armor symbol located at the lower left, the bone and skull to the bottom right.

100 Gates Level 29

You have to put the planets in their proper places as suggested by the signs. Earth (blue to the left, Mars(middle one) and Venus on the right. Turn your phone updisde down arrange the planet while in that position then turn your phone back up to and place them to their corresponding spot.

100 Gates Level 30

The idea is to put the keys to their right places. However, before placing a key, tap the wheel in the middle to change its order. The highlighted arrow with a recatangular shape above hints which key to place. With that, it gives us this order: tap the wheel then tap the top right key, tap the wheel twice then put bottom right key, tap twice again then put the bottom left, tap twice again and then place the last key. The end.

There you have it folks, the 100 Gates Levels 21-30 walkthrough that I hope helped you guys out. I will update this as soon as new set of levels are released.

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